Wenden Glacier – Titlis Mountain, Uri Alps, Switzerland – 360 Photo

From the south steep and rocky face of Titlis Mountain, a breathtaking view of Wenden Glacier is seen sweeping through a valley within the Uri Alps mountain range in Central Switzerland – as part of Europe’s Western Alps that also pass through France, Monaco, and Italy.

Titlis is the highest mountain in the portion of the Uri Alps, located on the canton borders of Obwalden and Bern, north of the Susten Pass. This part of the range is located between the valleys of the Hasli (west) and the Reuss (east), thus separating the waters feeding the basins of the Aar and Reuss respectively. On the north side, the valley of Engelberg is drained by the Engelberger Aa, a tributary of the Lake Lucerne.

The geographical centre of Switzerland is situated about 15 kilometres west of Titlis Mountain, made famous in March 1967 as the site of the world’s first rotating cable car.


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