Laie Point Beach – Exploring 10 of the Top Beaches in Oahu, Hawaii – TRAVOH

Laie Point Beach – Exploring 10 of the Top Beaches in Oahu, Hawaii

Laie Point Beach - Exploring 10 of the Top Beaches in Oahu, Hawaii

Located on the North Shore and one of Hawaiiโ€™s most scenic points, not just popular with locals, but also with adventurous tourists who love to cliff jump into the ocean. Laie Point is a tourist attraction and no tour is complete without a stop here and a retelling of the legend attached to it that goes like this:

โ€œLaniloa is the name given to a point of land which extends into the ocean from Laie. In ancient times this point was moโ€˜o, standing upright, ready to kill the passerby. After Kana and his brother had rescued their mother from Molokai and had taken her back to Hawaii, Kana set out on a journey around the islands to kill all the moโ€˜o. In due time he reached Laie, where the moโ€˜o was killing many people. Kana had no difficulty in destroying this monster. Taking its head, he cut it into five pieces and threw them into the sea, where they can be seen today as the five small islands lying off Malaekahana.โ€

The five small islands along this shoreline are called Keanuakaluapaโ€™aโ€™a, Malualai, Pulemoku, Moluaaniwa, and Kihewamoku.


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