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Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Fiji is known worldwide for its breathtaking sun drenched beaches, crystal clear waters and beaming sunshine. All but a few islands in Fiji are surrounded by coral reefs and most islands have lagoons that are protected from development making this truly a get-away from the every day. With over 330 islands to select from, we have narrowed it down to the following exotic choices.

This is our list of the top 10 best beach locations in Fiji:

1. Yasawa Island Resort

Yasawa Island Resort - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is located on the northernmost island in the Yasawa chain. Your cares will vanish the second you step out of your own private bure and onto one of the most breathtaking stretches of sand in the world as if a vivid dream just came true. You will immediately understand why Yasawa means Heaven in Fijian. Once you arrive here, you can explore eleven other beautiful private and secluded beaches that will have you wondering if it can get any better than this.

2. Vomo Island Resort

Vomo Island Resort - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Vomo Island Beach Resort is a picturesque private Fijian island in the South Pacific. Vomo is sure to become your very own personal beach paradise, as it is arguably the most beautiful of all the Fijian Islands. But there is more. Privately owned and occupied solely by Vomo Island Resort, Vomo Lailai is Vomo’s tiny private island, only 1km to the west of Vomo and offers guests an afternoon of extremely indulgent privacy and isolation with gourmet Champagne picnics delivered right to you. A full range of non-motorised water sports such as glass bottom kayaks; paddleboards, and sailing are offered alongside a 9-hole chip and putt golf and a fully staffed day spa. The Vomo Turtle Protection Programme raises and releases Hawksbill Turtles born on the island and a marine protection zone, which guarantees magnificent snorkelling off either beach, surrounds Vomo.

3. Monuriki Island

Monuriki Island - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Monuriki Island is a stunning tropical paradise that was made famous as the location for the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away.” Before setting foot on this spectacular island or anchoring off its astoundingly white sandy beaches, you are required to visit the village of Yanuya and present your sevusevu (a small offering of kava) to the traditional landowners. If approved, you will receive a brief on the island’s biosecurity and its importance. The island is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly because one of the most endangered vegetation types: Tropical Dry Forest Vegetation occurs on the island also there is a unique population of the Fijian Crested Iguana that call the island home. Wedge tailed Shearwaters (Puffinus pacificus) are native seabirds and turtles also nest on Monuriki Island so be mindful when walking along the sensational beaches.

4. Natadola Beach Resort

Natadola Beach Resort - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Located on Viti Levu, the largest Island in Fiji, Natadola Beach is a white sand beach adjacent to the resort, a rare find in Fiji, where most of the beaches are coral. The water just off the beach is deep enough to swim in at all tides and reef snorkelling at either end of the beach is spectacular. If you’re in the mood for surfing, Natadola Inside is good for beginners, and Natadola Outside – at the entrance of the channel – is for experienced surfers. Enjoy the freshwater swimming pool and fantastic accommodations set amongst tropical blooms.

5. Wakaya Island Resort

Wakaya Island Resort - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Wakaya Island is one of the most wonderfully secluded places of the South Pacific, a 2,200-acre luxury private island resort with exceptional spa facilities and friendly service making you feel at home the moment you arrive. Wakaya has one of the purest ecosystems in the world and is the jewel in the crown of the Fiji Islands. The Wakaya Club & Spa is called one of the world’s finest tropical resorts, in one of the most remote and unspoiled corners of the world. One of the many islands that comprise the Fiji archipelago, Wakaya is considered a ‘panoramic luxury resort’ and its multitude of beaches are lined with beautiful palm trees.

6. Tokoriki Island Resort

Tokoriki Island Resort - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Liku Beach (Sunset Beach) located in the Mamanuca Islands at the western end of the Tokoriki Island Resort is home to 3,000 feet of spectacular white sandy beach. The gorgeous beach faces west, which provides some of the best sunsets ever seen in Fiji. It also features an amazing lagoon and impressive coral gardens that are great to explore either by kayak, paddle board, or snorkelling.

7. Matana Beach Resort

Matana Beach Resort - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Matana Beach is a beautiful sandy beach located on Kadavu Island and a hands down favourite amongst visitors to the island, as it is located right next to beautiful tropical gardens. Kadavu Island is still unspoiled by major development and with two traditional villages next to the resort; this is the place to experience authentic Fijian lifestyle and culture. The beautiful all-tide beach has great snorkeling sites just steps from the bures. Dive Kadavu has access to all major reef systems around Kadav with an amazing variety of marine life on the coral bommies just off the resort beach. Have an outstanding diving experience, diving at the foot of a volcano, observing stunning tropical fish, brilliantly coloured soft and hard coral walls and swim-through on over 40 dive sites or enjoy the sheltered Namalata Reef. You will be amazed when you see Mantas on the Great Astrolabe Reef and explore the Motu marine, a protected area sheltered from the southeasterly winds where the snorkelling and swimming is also wonderful, regardless of the tide. A popular oceanfront bar hosts regular lovo (feast cooked in a pit oven), barbecue and curry nights for those with an appetite for authentic foods.

8. Papageno Eco Resort

Papageno Eco Resort - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Papageno Eco Resort beach is also located on Kadavu Island and is acknowledged for being one of the island nation’s most untouched, beautiful, sandy beaches. Edged by a tropical rainforest, it is surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees. Snorkelling, swimming and viewing the incredible colourful fish are all highly recommended activities here. Underwater explorers can also dive the wreck of the Pacific Voyager, the only wreck on the whole of Kadavu Island, that was sunk just beyond the reef.

9. Matamanoa Island Resort

Matamanoa Island Resort - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Matamanoa Island a cozy little island resort tucked away in the Mamanuca Islands. In Fijian, Matamanoa translates to ‘feast on the eyes’ and is the best words used to describe this oasis. The beach is shaped like a horseshoe and features pale sands and a cone-shaped peak made of volcanic rock. The half circle of beach around this one resort island makes it necessary for you to decide, when choosing a beachfront room, whether you want to be on the sunrise or sunset side. In either case you’ll be steps from the water, which means that you have to decide between snorkelling in the crystal azure waters of relaxing on the sugar white sand.

10. Matangi Private Island Resort

Matangi Private Island Resort - Exploring 10 of the Top Beach Locations on the Islands of Fiji

Matangi Beach is located on the 240-acre privately owned resort island of Matangi situated amongst the beautiful northern islands of Fiji in the South Pacific. This sensational beach features sun kissed white sands and turquoise waters set within the sheltered cove of a spectacular horseshoe shaped island. The epitome of a tropical island paradise, this horseshoe bay Island infused with aquamarine is so unique that it is listed as one of the “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.” Surrounded by crystal clear waters and fringed by coral reefs, Matangi Island is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Fiji and seemingly one of the most unique beach locations in the world.


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