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Some of the Best Secret Mediterranean Yachting Destinations You Need to Visit

Some of the Best Secret Mediterranean Yachting Destinations You Need to Visit

Yachting in the Mediterranean is a popular pastime for many yacht owners, an opportunity to soak up the warm Mediterranean sun and forget the worries of day-to-day life.

A trip around the Mediterranean aboard a luxury superyacht offers a rich travel experience, from fabulous year-round weather, stunning blue water, pristine sandy beaches, and rich cultural diversity. And, thanks to today’s cutting-edge superyacht construction and world-class design, a trip aboard a luxury superyacht has never been so stylish. 

Due to the popularity of this destination, yachting in the Mediterranean can be a crowded affair, which is why we’ve round up some of the best off-the-beaten-track Mediterranean destinations for those who wish to tread a path less travelled. So, kiss goodbye to crowded beaches and filled-to-the-brim cultural spots, on these islands you’ll likely have the entire place to yourself.

Visit an active volcano on the island of Stromboli

Yachting the Mediterranean - Visit an Active Volcano on the Island of Stromboli, Italy

These UNESCO-protected islands lie along Sicily’s north-eastern coast. Surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, these seven island gems offer a wealth of opportunities for relaxation and outdoor fun away from the madding crowds.

For nature lovers a trip to the island of Stromboli is a must while yachting in the Mediterranean. Dominated by one of the most active volcanoes in the world here you can join an organised trek and hike to the 3,000-foot summit where you can peer into the volcano’s crater, which regular sends plumes of smoke high into the air. After, head to the far north-eastern corner of this compact island where you can relax on the island’s famous black beaches and enjoy a bite to eat.

For an alternative experience while yachting in the Mediterranean set sail for the island of Filicudi, the smallest of the Aeolian Islands with a population of less than 500. This quaint island boasts just a few fishing villages and a rugged coastline lapped by crystal clear water. Drop anchor by the beautiful small beach of Le Punte and simply while away the day enveloped in the warmth of the Mediterranean Sun.

Relax and unwind on Formentera while yachting in the Mediterranean

Yachting the Mediterranean - Relax and Unwind on the Idyllic Island of Formentera, Spain

The Balearic Islands, Spain, are a popular Mediterranean destination when aboard a luxury yacht, however, many travel a well-trodden path to the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza. So, instead set sail to the idyllic island of Formentera, which offers an ideal respite from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Relax on the island’s beautiful white powder sand beaches or enjoy a cooling dip in the crystal-clear water, which also boasts wonderful snorkelling and diving opportunities.

If you fancy stretching your legs, hike up to the old lighthouse at the far end of La Mola, where you’ll be rewarded with stunning views. This spot also offers the ideal way to watch the setting sun as it dips below the horizon casting an ethereal glow across the sea. Alternatively, venture to the island’s natural park of Ses Salines, where bright pink flamingos gather on the saltpans.

The island boasts a selection of beachside retreats and restaurants where you can while the day way, enjoying a cocktail or two.

Explore the rocky coastline of Palmarola

Yachting the Mediterranean - Explore the Rocky Coastline of Palmarola, Italy

Explore natural grottos, hidden bays, sheer cliffs, and out-of-the-way coves boasting sandy pink coral beaches along the rocky coastline of Palmarola, Italy, a stunning Mediterranean destination off-the-beaten-path.

This small island is located just off mainland Italy and is part of the Pontine Islands. The island primarily is a nature reserve, making this a great spot for exploring stunning flora and fauna while yachting in the Mediterranean. It also boasts a wonderful array of marine life, so simply drop anchor and don snorkel and fins to discover the island’s rich underwater world.

During the summer a few small restaurants open their doors catering to the few tourists who venture to this out-of-the-way Mediterranean destination.

If you wish to explore more of the Pontine Islands, it’s possible to explore all five of them in just a few days.

For a true Robinson Crusoe experience check out the uninhabited island of Zannone, which boasts a number of trekking routes. Featuring a rugged interior, wild goats graze on cliff tops and there are also the ruins of a monastery to visit. Alternatively head to Santo Stefano, the smallest of the Pontines. Now uninhabited this island used to be home to thousands of criminals and its imposing and now dilapidated prison can still be explored.  

So, whether you choose to peer inside the crater of an active volcano, relax on pink sandy beaches, discover stunning flora and fauna, or sink beneath the waves, yachting in the Mediterranean offers a wealth of opportunities for those who wish to discover destinations less travelled.  


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