The Arabian Sea between Mainland Oman πŸ‡΄πŸ‡² and Masirah Island – Earth View

The Arabian Sea between Mainland Oman and Masirah Island - Earth View

By way of the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea reaches the coasts of India, Iran, Maldives, Pakistan, Somalia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and where this satellite view is based between mainland Oman and Masirah Island of the Ash Sharqiyah South Governorate within the Arabian Peninsula of Western Asia.

A ferry runs six times a day between Shannah Port of mainland Oman to Masirah Island, where vacationers often stay at Masirah Hotel or Hotel Danat Al Khaleej nearby to the island’s port. Travellers seeking a more adventurous stay often trek south to Sur Masirah, where the Masirah Beach Camp ground welcomes beachgoers.

For kite surfers, Masirah is an attractive destination during the summer season because of monsoon winds that tend to pickup and blow steadily at over 20 knots, which is over 23 mph or 37 km/h.



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