4 Simple Reasons Why Naples, Florida is a Great Winter Getaway

4 Simple Reasons Why Naples, Florida is a Great Winter Getaway

If you are looking for the perfect winter destination, you might want to consider visiting Naples, on the gold coast of southwest Florida. It’s easily considered one of the best winter travel destinations for a variety of reasons. If you’re a golf lover, Naples is renowned for having more golf courses per capita than just about any other town in the US. An extremely affluent town, Naples has been rated as having some of the highest quality of life scores in North America with a vibrant cultural scene and high-end shopping plus dining, this upscale community is also listed as one of the top small art towns in America. With miles of white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, sophisticated and charming Naples seems to have something for everybody. 

Here are fours simple reasons why Naples is so highly rated as a winter destination getaway: 

1. No Snow

Yes, snow is beautiful. It’s white, shiny, and wonderful to watch falling, when you’re indoors and when you don’t have to commute to work. Those of us in the know understand that eventually those pristine, white fluffy piles of snow become a cold frigid icy reminder that being cold and wet can be really frustrating. Especially since your commute to work can definitely lead to delays and other problems we’re sure you’d best want to avoid.

So in Naples, it doesn’t snow. It’s paradise. The weather almost never drops below 65 degrees. Winter down in Southern Florida is like a mild spring day in the Northeast. It’s a great town to visit when you are in desperate need for fun outdoor activities that doesn’t require a down feather jacket. Need we say more?

2. It’s Warm Outside

I know, I know. We pretty much covered this off in the last part above. But we really felt that it needed to be repeated. It’s warm for outdoor activities, so grab a t-shirt and get on vacation mode. Simple…

3. Doesn’t Rain a Lot

Sorry to go on and on about the weather, but we felt that this was too important to overlook. It really doesn’t rain a lot in Naples. Unlike Miami and other parts of Florida, Naples is pretty dry, even during the typically wet months. Knowing that you’ve got plenty of reliably warm, dry weather allows you too really enjoy your winter vacation. 

4. Plenty of Activities 

Last but definitely not least, there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. From visiting the top 10 beaches in Naples, to shopping, dining, nightlife, tours, day trips, golf and family fun, you certainly won’t be bored and there is certainly more than enough to keep the kids entertained and occupied!

So get ready to break out those vacation sandals and make your next winter getaway a trip to Naples!