7 Skin Care Hacks To Use On Your Next Travel

7 Skin Care Hacks To Use On Your Next Travel

Keep Your Skin Protected While Traveling

Traveling exposes your skin to numerous external factors that could cause breakouts, increase oiliness or dryness, and diminish your natural glow. A simple change in temperature drastically reduces your skin’s moisture. A place with a warmer climate may leave you with an uneven skin tone. Traveling to a more congested area with too much smoke or air pollution clogs your pores and leaves all kinds of small particles on your skin.

So, how do you maintain the quality of your skin even while traveling?

One effective solution is to seek professional advice from an aesthetic clinic. They can recommend suitable skincare products and treatments tailored to your specific skin needs, ensuring that your skin remains healthy and radiant throughout your travels. Read below to learn more tips. 

Skin Care Hacks for Hodophiles

Excessive sun exposure, too much air pollution, and atmospheric changes all contribute to making the early signs of aging more apparent and visible. Good thing there are ways you can counter these skin-damaging factors before and during your trip!

1. Prep your skin before traveling

The most basic step in ensuring your skin stays protected from heat, dirt, and sudden climate changes is to prep it. Wash your face or use cleansing wipes to get rid of any dirt or impurities on the surface of your skin. This is especially important if you are to to embark on a long flight or road trip before reaching your destination.

Wash your face with your trusty cleanser and don’t forget to tone afterward. In doing so, your skin becomes refreshed and you also add a layer of protection to keep notorious bacteria from penetrating your pores.

2. Apply moisturizer

After cleansing your face and applying toner, don’t forget to moisturize. Moisturizer locks in the natural softness of your skin. Often, people skip this step thinking that since they will be staying inside, they will not need to worry about their skin getting dry or “dehydrated”.

Remember, there are other factors that could strip your skin of its natural moisture. For instance, if you are sleep-deprived, stressed, or do not drink enough water, your skin becomes predisposed to the effects of stress and lack of hydration.

Pack some of your moisturizers in a small travel container so that you can reapply it as needed during your trip. It would be even ideal if your moisturizer contains SPF, for added protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

3. Ditch the heavy makeup

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best while you travel across the country or state. However, you might want to think twice before applying a heavy layer of makeup during your journey. Put on lightweight makeup instead, so that your skin will not suffocate.

A thick layer of makeup tends to be the cause of skin irritation during long flights or trips. Your skin gets exposed to lower levels of humidity, hence, it becomes more prone to dryness. Not only that, the quality of the makeup on your skin diminishes and can clog your pores, leading to sudden breakouts. Yikes!

If you still want to look good while you travel, why not check out some simple brow hacks to make sure your eyebrows are on-point. A well-defined eyebrow can enhance the shape of your face as well as your overall appearance—without the need to put on makeup. Alternatively, you can apply a layer of lip balm and lip tint for that pop of color on your countenance. 

4. Don’t over or underdress

Did you know that wearing a suitable set of clothes for your destination also works wonders on your skin? For instance, if your destination is a warm and tropical island, then you should pack lightweight clothing that’s appropriate for the climate. The key is to determine whether you need to wear attire that lets your skin breathe, or put on more layers to protect your skin from a sudden drop in temperature.

5. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Your skincare travel kit will not be complete without sunscreen. It shields your skin from the sun’s harsh UVB and UVA rays. Sun protection is a must, regardless of whether you are traveling to a warm or cold location.

Some lotions and creams are infused with SPF.  Make sure to pack some on your trip as well. 

6. Bring cleansing wipes, oil-blotting paper, and micellar water

From time to time, oil and sweat will build up on your skin. Don’t let these impurities clog your pores completely. Bring cleansing wipes to refresh your skin and oil-blotting paper to remove excess sweat and oil. If you feel that oil-blotting papers and wipes are not enough, applying micellar water on your face is an excellent alternative. Using micellar water is like washing your face, albeit without the need to rinse your skin with water after applying it.

7. Get enough rest and stay hydrated

While you protect and treat your skin on the outside, you must also ensure you nourish it from the inside. That means you need to get enough rest before your trip. Getting enough sleep before traveling ensures your body has time to adjust and store energy to keep your organs—including your skin—well-supplied with the nutrients and vitality it needs.

More importantly, drinking enough water aids in locking in your skin’s natural moisture. Water is also rich in vitamins and minerals that keep your skin healthy and naturally glowing. Try adding slices of lemon and cucumber to your water for that extra boost!

Bonus tip: Use skincare brands that advocate sustainability and preserving the environment. Taking care of your skin is one way to take care of your health. Taking good care of your health should go hand-in-hand with protecting our natural resources. After all, what is the point of having great skin if the surroundings are being depleted and there are no natural wonders to visit?

How did these tips fare for you? What is your secret to keeping your skin refreshed and in good condition even on long trips? Subscribe to our blog for more awesome travel tips!