Escape the Summer Heat with a Luxurious Arctic Travel Getaway

Escape the Summer Heat with a Luxurious Arctic Travel Getaway

When you visualize your summer vacation, do you see beautiful glaciers, geothermal hot springs, miles of untouched nature and tons of adventure? If so, take a trip to the Arctic circle and escape the summer heat.

The Arctic is full of unique and lesser-known destinations, making it slightly more challenging to plan a luxurious vacation on your own. To alleviate the stress of planning your extraordinary vacation, consider taking a Arctic cruise or hiring a full-service travel company to arrange flights, accommodations, activities and dining for you.

Luxury Cruises

There are many different companies that offer Arctic cruises to a variety of locations. If you’ve always wanted to visit the land of the Vikings, take a 12-day cruise to Iceland and Greenland. Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery these countries offer, this cruise will take you back in time to explore the culture and history of the Vikings.

If you’re headed to the Arctic for the one of a kind flora and fauna, a cruise through Norway, Greenland and Iceland includes exploration of Svalbard to search for native wildlife, birding on the remote island of Jan Mayen and hiking through Hornstandir Nature Reserve in Iceland.

If you want to stay in the U.S. but still enjoy the Arctic, Alaskan cruises are a great option and usually run for seven days. The most popular Alaskan ports include Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Seward and Sitka where you will learn more about Inuit culture, witness amazing scenery and get up close and personal with Arctic wildlife.

For the adventurous souls, the Arctic region offers an endless variety of activities from dog mushing and hunting to hiking and whale watching. Just be sure to pack the proper hunting and hiking gear so that you are well prepared for the elements.

All-Inclusive Travel

If taking a cruise just isn’t your style, consider booking an all-inclusive trip through a third party, like Luxury Action, that combines extravagance and comfort with all the adrenaline and adventure the region has to offer.

A trip to Lapland is perfect when you’re looking to escape the stress of the city and leap into a remote nature wonderland. If you’d like to stay a little more on the grid, take a trip to the Ranch in Finland where you’ll find 500 acres full of dense trees, log villas, and even a private lake for boating, jet skiing or fishing.

For a once in a lifetime experience with a little more adventure, purchase a travel package that will take you to the geographic North Pole. Here you’ll witness the changing winter landscape year round, making it like no other destination in the world. This untouched and pristine destination will have you standing on top of the world. If Christmas is your favorite holiday, a trip to the Christmas Chalet will provide a luxurious, cozy and glowing retreat filled with holiday spirit. The best part about creating an all-inclusive trip to the Arctic region, you’re urged to customize and tailor the trip as much as needed to fit your desires.