How To Save Money On Your Next Road Trip Vacation

How To Save Money On Your Next Road Trip Vacation

Cash In On Freebies!

While you drive to your destination, make it a point to stop at gas stations and take advantage of any freebies they offer. Many will give you an incentive such as free food, a percentage off of your purchase price or coupons when you buy gas. Though at first glance a free hot dog or even coffee may not seem like a big difference, why not take advantage of freebies? After all, you will need gas anyhow, and most incentives are visible from road signs.

Stop For Fuel At Travel Centers And Truck Stops

It is best to avoid stations such as Shell as they often charge a premium price for their fuel. Instead, opt for truck stops or travel centers to fill your tank. Doing so means getting access to better pricing as they often cater to the needs of professional truck drivers. 

Avoid Using Credit Cards

We all rely on our credit cards for everything, but when it comes to getting gas, it’s best to avoid doing so. Most gas stations charge extra when you use a credit card, which is why using cash is your best bet for optimum savings! Usually, you can find out the price difference for gas when using the pump as it is oftentimes posted conspicuously.

If you travel a lot and prefer to leave cash behind, sign up for a gas station branded credit card! Usually, gas stations will honor a discount for using their own cards and offer rewards. Many will also include a promo offer such as a steep discount for the first 30 or 60 days of usage.

Keep Driving At A Steady Rate

To get the most mileage per gallon of gas, it is best to stick to driving on the main highways. Having said that, you can get better mileage when you keep your speed at 55 mph or below. In fact, just speeding up 10 miles will force your car to actually burn more fuel. In short, the faster you choose to drive, the more gas you’re burning per mile. Donโ€™t drive too far in one sitting. Take a look at these hotel deals in Harrogate, itโ€™s a great place for a stop-off if you are travelling up north.

Keep Your Tire Pressure In Check

Make sure you keep your tire pressure at the recommended levels. Doing so can help prevent a potential accident or blown tire, and most importantly, you can also increase your miles per gallon. Though these numbers may not seem like much right now, they will add up over time spent travelling on the road. Plus, no reason to take risks when you gauge your tire pressure (usually for free) at the next gas station, or at the very least, it won’t cost you more than a quarter!

Employ The Use Of Cruise Control

Not everyone is a fan of the cruise control option on their cars, but you can get more miles per gallon on a highway using it. Cruise control has the ability to keep your car driving at a steady pace, and unfortunately, that’s not something you can accomplish with your own feet. The only time this bit of advice doesn’t exactly ring true is when using cruise control on uneven terrain or not on a highway. For the most part, however, cruise control can literally keep your car cruising along at a steady rate and ensure you don’t waste gas. As a side note, do not use the cruise control function during inclement weather!