Luxurious Peru Discoveries in Arequipa’s White City

Train to Arequipa, Peru

Discover the White Cityโ€™s sophistication, merging history and comfort in unique and natural experiences.

Arequipa, known as the White City, is famous for being one of Peru’s most highlighted tourist destinations. For this reason, in 2000, UNESCO recognized its Historic Center as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Besides, its colonial architecture, built with sillar, a volcanic rock, provides it with a unique charm.

Arequipa offers several experiences of elegance and opulence that go beyond the conventional. From world-class hotels to the most exclusive activities, let’s explore the unique charm of this incomparable city, inviting you to discover a world of refined pleasures in this amazing corner of Peru.

Luxury hotels

When planning your visit, the choice of accommodation becomes an important factor to fully enjoy everything Arequipa has to offer. Some of these luxury hotels include the Colca Lodge, Spa & Hot Springs, which offers rooms inspired by the collagua villages, overlooking the Colca River and thermal waters for relaxation. Another example is the Belmont Las Casitas, where private and individual villas with fireplaces and views of a lush garden provide an idyllic setting. Both hotels offer activities such as excursions to the Colca Canyon, condor watching, horseback riding, and more, all designed to explore the natural and cultural beauty of the region.

Other charming luxury hotels include Casa Andina Premium, whose proximity to iconic places, like the Santuario Andinos Museum and the Mundo Alpaca Tourist Center, makes it a convenient choice for travelers interested in exploring the rich culture of Arequipa and the Sonesta Hotel Arequipa, mainly aimed at business tourism, is strategically located near the city’s financial center.

All these hotels have high-quality bar and restaurant services, offering one of the city’s best gastronomic delights. Visitors can savor award-winning versions of typical dishes such as rocoto relleno, chupe de camarones, ocopa, and the delicious and refreshing queso helado. Besides, its bars offer the quintessential Arequipa liquor: anise liqueur, usually consumed as a digestive. One of the most well-known and consumed anise liqueurs in Peru is Najar anise.

Night Train Cusco-Puno-Arequipa

The current railway routes crossing Peru are remnants of an extensive railway network that flourished in the early 20th century. The journey between Cusco and Machupicchu is the most traveled in the country, offering travelers a unique experience.

However, one of the most fascinating journeys is the route connecting the regions of Cusco, Puno, and Arequipa, where lucky passengers can embark on a luxury train that transforms the trip into an unforgettable three-day experience.

During this journey, guests enjoy restful nights in elegant cabins, delight their palates with exquisite meals in the dining coach, and are attended to with care in a personalized environment as landscapes majestically change from station to station. This luxury train goes beyond the conventional by incorporating a lounge coach, an observation coach for panoramic views, and even a spa coach, thus providing a unique experience that combines comfort, classy cuisine, and the unparalleled natural beauty of the journey.

Community tourism

In the captivating city of Arequipa, visitors have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in craftsmanship and textile tradition by visiting exclusive workshops. These workshops offer a close experience with llamas and alpacas, iconic animals of the region whose fibers become the raw material for the production of luxurious garments such as shawls, sweaters, jackets, hats, gloves, suits, and dresses that transcend local borders and dazzle on catwalks around the world.

Visitors can witness firsthand the amazing process of thread manufacturing, from wool collection to the careful manufacturing of high-quality fibers. Besides, there is an opportunity to learn traditional weaving techniques, with the waist loom a standout ancestral art that has endured through generations.  

This experience not only allows appreciation of the craft skills of local weavers but also provides an authentic connection to the rich textile heritage of Arequipa, where each thread tells a story of skill, creativity, and deep cultural identity.


Luxurious Peru Discoveries in Arequipa's White City

Arequipa presents itself as a unique destination that not only showcases material luxuries but also breathes history, culture, and authenticity. The city shows itself as a place where luxury harmoniously intertwines with cultural roots and historical wealth. Whether exploring the stunning canyons surrounding it or immersing oneself in the sophistication of its boutique hotels, Arequipa not only invites travelers to live moments of wonderful charm but also provides an authentic and meaningful luxury experience, leaving a trace that lingers in memory long after leaving its cobblestone streets.