Muntri Mews Review: A Worth-to-Stay 3-Star Hotel in Penang, Malaysia

Muntri Mews Review: A Worth-to-Stay 3-Star Hotel in Penang, Malaysia

Located in the heart of Penang’s bustling streets lies a retreat that echoes the whispers of history, yet sings with the convenience of modern comfort. Finding that perfect blend of cultural authenticity and contemporary luxury can be a traveler’s conundrum.

You crave a stay that immerses you in local charm without sacrificing those creature comforts we all love.

Enter Muntri Mews, not just another 3-star boutique hotel in Georgetown Penang, but a pivotal piece of Penang’s past revived through its striking architectural transformation. 

Here, on historic Muntri Street within the UNESCO World Heritage buffer zone, you’ll find more than just a place to rest your head; it’s where heritage hugs hospitality.

This post dives into everything from cozy rooms echoing stories from their carriage shed days to gourmet delights at Mews Café. Discover how this gem serves as your gateway to George Town’s soul – while indulging in pet-friendly policies and tropical aesthetics only steps away from city bustle.

Ready for an insider tour? Let’s explore!

Key Takeaways

  • Muntri Mews is a boutique hotel uniquely situated in Penang’s UNESCO World Heritage buffer zone, offering guests an immersive experience that combines the area’s rich history with modern luxuries.
  • The property was once used as carriage sheds during the Edwardian era, which have been thoughtfully transformed into cozy and stylish accommodations by hotelier Christopher Ong without compromising their historical value.
  • Accommodation options range from standard rooms to expansive Mews Residences that can accommodate up to 20 people, making it suitable for families or group events like wedding tea ceremonies.
  • Pets are welcomed at Muntri Mews, particularly in the Mews Cafe, where diners can enjoy traditional Malay dishes alongside their furry friends while enjoying live band entertainment on Saturdays after 8 pm.
  • Situated at 77 Jalan Muntri in George Town, Muntri Mews’ location offers easy access to local cultural sights and experiences plus essential amenities, including free wifi and tropical garden settings.

Muntri Mews: A Boutique Hotel in Penang’s Heritage District

Nestled amidst the architectural treasures of Penang’s UNESCO World Heritage site, Muntri Mews breathes new life into historic carriage sheds, transformed by visionary hotelier Christopher Ong into a haven of boutique accommodation.

This unique destination not only captivates with its blend of tradition and modernity but also stands as a testament to the vibrant preservation of cultural heritage in the heart of George Town.

Location and Historical Significance

Muntri Mews stands proudly on Muntri Street, right at the heart of Penang’s esteemed UNESCO World Heritage buffer zone. This boutique hotel breathes life into a page of history, inviting guests to step back in time within its walls.

Once old carriage sheds, the building now celebrates its Edwardian past alongside modern comforts that travelers seek today.

Christopher Ong’s vision has transformed this slice of cultural heritage into an enchanting accommodation experience without compromising historical integrity. Guests soak up stories etched in every brick while enjoying updated 2024 prices and amenities like free wifi and tropical gardens.

The unique conversion of these storied structures leads perfectly to our next topic: how Muntri Mews brings a new purpose to these age-old spaces.

Unique Conversion of Old Carriage Sheds

Steeped in history, the Muntri Mews boutique hotel breathes new life into Penang’s past. This hidden gem offers guests a chance to sleep within walls that once echoed with the clatter of horse hooves and carriage wheels.

The old carriage sheds, integral to the Edwardian-era landscape, have been ingeniously transformed into cozy rooms that showcase a blend of nostalgia and comfort. Each space tells its own story, marrying rustic charm with the creature comforts modern travelers expect.

The vision of Christopher Ong has given these former communal parking spots for horse carriages an impressive second act as stylish accommodations. Carefully preserved architectural details act as a testament to Penang’s cultural tapestry while providing an excellent location for guests seeking both history and luxury.

These fixed-size rooms now feature room amenities designed to ensure a comfortable stay without losing sight of their storied origins, offering visitors a unique experience unlike any other found on the island.

Preservation of Penang’s Heritage by Owner Christopher Ong

Christopher Ong has made it his mission to keep Penang’s historical charm alive at Muntri Mews. His passion for the city’s past shines through in each corner of the hotel, which sits proudly in its restored state, showcasing a blend of colonial and Peranakan influences.

These old carriage sheds now serve as unique accommodations, inviting guests to step back into a bygone era while enjoying modern comforts.

Ong’s careful attention to detail preserves the essence of traditional Malaysian culture within the boutique hotel. The Mews Residences stand out as a testament to his commitment, displaying intricate Peranakan style that captures both history and hearts.

Through these efforts, Christopher Ong ensures every visitor leaves with an appreciation for Penang’s rich tapestry of heritage woven seamlessly into their stay at Muntri Mews.

Accommodation Options at Muntri Mews

At Muntri Mews, guests can discover a suite of accommodation options tailored to diverse needs and group sizes, each space echoing the charm of Penang’s storied past with modern comforts.

Delve into an array of rooms that promise more than just a place to rest—it’s an immersive experience in heritage luxury.

Mews Standard Room

Nestled within Muntri Mews, the Mews Standard Room boasts an inviting blend of historical charm and modern comforts. Two queen-sized beds, connected to cater to a family or pair of travelers, come draped with mosquito nets and vibrantly patterned Peranakan quilts, infusing the space with local culture.

Mirrored walls reflect light across the room, amplifying its airy feel.

A dedicated lounge area tempts guests to unwind on the cozy daybed after exploring Penang’s nearby attractions. Complete with a small dining area for intimate meals or refreshments, every corner is thoughtfully designed for convenience and relaxation.

Black and white tiles underfoot lead to wooden paned doors that open up to a well-appointed shower and bathroom — here tradition meets modernity in harmony.

Family Room

The Family Room at Muntri Mews promises a cozy retreat for groups of four, boasting two plush king-sized beds connected for a spacious sleep experience. Guests can unwind on the additional daybed, making it perfect for reading or relaxing after exploring Penang’s heritage marvels.

A shower and private bathroom are conveniently tucked away in the space, ensuring comfort and privacy for everyone in your party.

Traveling with family requires extra room, and this accommodation delivers by cleverly transforming the historical carriage sheds into modern living spaces without sacrificing charm or character.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or simply need more elbow room, the Family Room offers that extra space along with amenities tailored to make your stay both memorable and comfortable.

Executive Family Room

Planning a vacation with a large family can be tricky, but the Executive Family Room at Muntri Mews hits all the right notes for space and comfort. This oversized accommodation comfortably fits six guests, making it ideal for families or groups of friends.

With three luxurious king-sized beds provided, everyone can enjoy a restful night’s sleep without feeling cramped.

Guests will appreciate the convenience of having two separate showers and bathrooms – no more waiting in line to freshen up! Relaxation comes easy here, too; there’s a dedicated living area complete with a plush daybed perfect for lounging after exploring Penang’s vibrant streets.

For those evening recaps or sharing meals together, the included dining area serves as an inviting hub. Offering both privacy and communal spaces, this room is designed to enhance shared experiences while providing ample personal space.

Mews Residences

For those seeking a home away from home or planning an unforgettable group event, Mews Residences provides the perfect setting. These expansive accommodations are ideal for hosting elegant wedding tea ceremonies or comfortable group stays.

With two residences to choose from, guests can opt for Residence 1, which comfortably hosts up to 14 people across four well-appointed bedrooms, complete with a large reception area and dual courtyards providing ample space for mingling and relaxation.

Mews Residence 2 ups the ante by accommodating as many as 20 guests without sacrificing comfort or style. Echoing its counterpart, it too features a generous reception room and inviting living spaces that encourage social gatherings in a refined yet casual environment.

Both residences seamlessly blend traditional charm with modern amenities, ensuring your stay is both authentic and luxurious—a rare find in Penang’s bustling heritage district.

Review of Mews Standard Room

Stepping into the Mews Standard Room is a journey back in time with modern comforts; its thoughtful layout and aesthetic furnishings blend the past with present-day amenities, offering an immersive hospitality experience for guests seeking a touch of Penang’s rich heritage.

Layout and Furnishings

Once inside the Mews Standard Room, guests are greeted by an inviting blend of traditional and contemporary design elements. Two connected queen-sized beds, draped with elegant Peranakan quilts and surrounded by whimsical mosquito nets that add a touch of old-world charm, dominate the space.

A day bed offers additional seating or sleeping space, ideal for relaxation after exploring Penang’s vibrant streets. The room’s mirrored walls reflect the intricate patterns of the quilts and bathe the interior in soft light, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The furnishings here tell a story of cultural fusion; blending classic Malaysian aesthetics with modern comforts to ensure each stay is both authentic and pleasurable. Every piece serves a purpose without cluttering the area – from practical luggage storage options to bedside tables adorned with locally inspired lamps.

The use of wood in furniture adds warmth to the rooms while maintaining the historical essence that Muntri Mews prides itself on preserving. Black and white squared tiles line the bathroom floor, further accentuating this marriage between tradition and modernity within these living spaces.

Shower and Bathroom Features

The Mews Standard Room tastefully blends modern convenience with historical charm, particularly in its shower and bathroom space. Guests will find the elegantly designed combined area a refreshing retreat, adorned with black and white tiles that pay homage to old-world style while offering the comfort of contemporary amenities.

Step through wooden paned doors into a clean and well-lit bathroom where every detail caters to both aesthetic appeal and functionality. From plush towels to invigorating bath products, these features underscore Muntri Mews’ commitment to providing guests with a stay that feels both luxurious and intimately connected to Penang’s rich cultural tapestry.

Mews Cafe Dining Experience

Dive into a sensory adventure at Mews Cafe, where the cuisine tells a story of Penang’s rich cultural tapestry. Its cozy setting is the backdrop for an array of local flavors that promise to delight both newcomers and culinary aficionados alike.

Menu Highlights

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Penang’s heritage zone, Muntri Mews Café offers a sublime dining experience that combines rich cultural heritage with delectable local cuisine. The café takes pride in serving traditional Malay dishes that are both nostalgic and bursting with flavor.

  • Nasi Lemak: A quintessential Malaysian favorite, this fragrant rice dish is cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves (screwpine), providing a unique aroma and taste. Paired with succulent chicken curry, a perfectly cooked omelette, spicy sambal for some kick, and crisp empingan (anchovies), it’s a harmonious blend of textures and flavors.
  • Chef’s Special Bubur Lambuk: This traditional Malay rice porridge is not to be missed. It’s packed with an array of spices and ingredients that envelop the palate in warmth and comfort. Imagine tender bits of meat amalgamated with the soft texture of rice, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.
  • Helen’s Curry Mee: A classic Malaysian Chinese dish; Helen’s take features a creamy, sweet broth infused with an assortment of spices. Seafood lovers will revel in its rich taste coupled with hearty noodles, guaranteeing satisfaction in every spoonful.
  • Laksa Lemak: A dish that’s as much about its robust flavor as it is about tradition. It comprises thick wheat noodles submerged in a spicy concoconut-based soup, garnished with fresh herbs. Every mouthful brings forth layers of spice and creaminess.
  • Bubur Lambuk: Different from the Chef’s special mentioned earlier but equally flavorful. It embodies simplicity yet complexity through its varied spices mixed into a comforting porridge – ideal for anyone seeking solace in food.
  • Mews Madness & Virgin Mojito Mocktails: For patrons preferring non-alcoholic beverages without compromising on fun and zest.

Pet-Friendly Atmosphere

Pet lovers rejoice at Muntri Mews, where the furry friends are more than just guests – they’re part of the experience. The Mews Cafe embodies this welcoming spirit, inviting diners to savor traditional Malay dishes with their pets by their side.

Imagine enjoying a plate of fish balls or ikan bilis alongside your four-legged companion; it’s a unique blend of cultural cuisine and pet-friendly policy that makes for an unforgettable meal.

Every Saturday evening amps up the excitement as live bands fill the cafe with music. It’s not just about foot-tapping tunes though; it’s about sharing those moments with your pet in an ambiance that caters to both human and animal comfort.

Whether you’re a local or traveling through George Town, Muntri Mews ensures your dining is complete with good food, great music, and the happy presence of pets.

Live Band Entertainment

As you savor the flavors of Mews Café’s diverse menu, let the rhythm and tunes from the live band set your mood for an unforgettable Saturday night. From 8:00 pm onwards, skilled musicians take center stage to provide a backdrop that elevates your dining experience beyond just taste.

Their melodies mingle effortlessly with casual chatter, creating a vibe that’s both vibrant and intimately Penang.

Immerse yourself in this unique musical ambiance where each note seems to echo the rich history and culture surrounding Muntri Mews. The live music fills the air, promising more than a meal—it delivers an event where every beat enhances your enjoyment of traditional baba dishes or modern interpretations rooted in local ingredients like shrimp paste and bean curd.

Additional Features of Muntri Mews

Muntri Mews doesn’t just stop at providing a cozy heritage stay; it’s also equipped to add more comfort and convenience to your Penang adventure. From welcoming furry companions to setting the stage for unforgettable events, this boutique hotel extends its services beyond the conventional, ensuring every guest’s needs are thoughtfully catered to.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Guests don’t have to leave their furry friends behind when they stay at Muntri Mews, providing peace of mind for pet owners. The hotel stands out in Penang’s hospitality scene by welcoming pets with open arms.

You’ll find that the accommodations are designed with both you and your pet’s comfort in mind, ensuring a pleasant stay for all.

At the Mews Cafe, diners can enjoy delicious meals accompanied by their four-legged companions right by their side. This unique feature enhances the dining experience, making it more inclusive and friendly for those who often travel with pets.

It reflects a level of thoughtfulness that sets Muntri Mews apart from other establishments and underscores its commitment to creating an environment where every guest, whether on two legs or four, feels right at home.

Event Hosting at Mews Residences

Muntri Mews offers an exceptional venue for events, capturing the charm of Penang’s heritage. The Mews Residences, with its Peranakan-style design, provides a stunning backdrop for any celebration or gathering.

  • The Mews Residences accommodate up to 20 guests, making them ideal for large group stays and festive occasions.
  • Each residence has been restored to reflect the rich history of Penang while offering modern comforts and amenities.
  • Wedding tea ceremonies find a perfect setting here, blending tradition with the elegance of the heritage site.
  • Social gatherings benefit from the intimate and culturally-rich environment that sparks conversation and connection.
  • Business meetings can break free from the bland conference rooms with the residences’ inspiring decor and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Local caterers provide an array of culinary delights that resonate with Penang’s diverse food heritage during events.
  • Customizable spaces allow hosts to personalize their events, ensuring each celebration is unique and memorable.
  • With detailed tour arrangements available on request, event participants can explore the enchanting streets of George Town.
  • For those looking to share their experience on social media, Muntri Mews offers connectivity options compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and even Internet Explorer.

Contact Information and Location

Getting to Muntri Mews is straightforward; it’s nestled at 77 Jalan Muntri, right in the heart of George Town’s heritage enclave in Penang. For inquiries or to make a reservation, give them a call at +604 263 5125.

They’re ready to help you plan your stay, whether you need directions or want to know more about room availability. This boutique hotel stands within walking distance of numerous cultural landmarks and eateries, making it an ideal base for exploring all that this historic area has to offer.

Set your GPS and embark on a journey through time as you head towards the hotel. With its strategic location, finding Muntri Mews won’t be a hassle. Once there, immerse yourself in the fusion of past and present that defines Penang’s vibrant streets.

Whether you’re visiting for leisure or business, Muntri Mews provides comfort wrapped in history just steps away from some of the city’s most intriguing spots.


Muntri Mews stands out as a distinctive retreat that marries history with modern comfort. Here, guests delight in the charm of Penang’s past while enjoying contemporary conveniences.

With its warm hospitality and pet-friendly policies, this boutique hotel invites both two-legged and four-legged travelers to experience its unique atmosphere. Whether it’s indulging at the Mews Cafe or unwinding in stylish rooms, Muntri Mews promises an unforgettable stay amidst George Town’s enchanting heritage.


1. What makes Muntri Mews unique in Penang’s heritage district?

Muntri Mews stands out in Penang’s heritage district for its charming blend of historical architecture and modern comforts, providing guests with a one-of-a-kind experience that echoes the city’s rich past.

2. Is there an age restriction for staying at Muntri Mews?

Yes, Muntri Mews maintains certain policies regarding the age of guests to ensure a serene atmosphere; it is advisable to check directly with the hotel for specific age requirements.

3. Can I bring my pet when I stay at Muntri Mews?

Muntri Mews has a clear pets policy in place—guests should inquire directly with the hotel about bringing pets along to ensure compliance with house rules before booking their stay.

4. Does Muntri Mews offer any special discounts or promotions?

Guests looking for value can often find exclusive deals like a genius discount when they subscribe to newsletters or book through certain platforms—always look out for guest reviews that might mention these perks!

5. What payment methods are accepted at Munri Mew’s gift shop?

The gift shop at Muntri Mews accommodates various accepted payment methods, making purchases convenient and secure without worrying about issues like credit card fraud.