New England Travel – Best Beaches to Drive to for Families in Boston

New England Travel - Best Beaches to Drive to for Families in Boston

Labor Day is quickly approaching, and families are planning their beach escapes for the long weekend. While Labor Day is the symbolic end of summer, you and your family can still have one last beach day before the cooler weather of fall sweeps in. With tons of sandy beaches located around Boston it’s easy to get to one with just a short drive. But the real problem is choosing which to go to since each has its own unique charm.

To help you narrow down your choices here is a list of the best Boston beaches you can drive to. Get the sunscreen, the sand shovels, and the beach chairs ready to go.

Nantasket Beach

With a New England town providing the backdrop and the proximity to Boston, it’s easy to see why Nantasket Beach is one of the area’s busiest. But just because it’s been the go-to beach destination for families for over 100 years doesn’t mean it gets overly crowded thanks to the wide swaths of sand that allow everyone to have some elbow room, especially during low tide when kids love to explore the beach’s tidal pools. And it wouldn’t be a visit to Nantasket without stopping by for a ride on the Paragon Carousel that has been delighting visitors for over 90 years.

Singing Beach

Your kids get the ultimate beach experience at this beautiful stretch of beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea, and they’ll also get to experience one of nature’s oddities: singing sand. Yes, Singing Beach is named after its sand which makes an oddly realistic “singing” noise when walked upon. But Singing Beach is more than just sand it’s the beautiful ocean views and crystal clear water that make this beach a must-visit. Entry admission is tightly controlled, so get there early. And there isn’t really a need to pack too much as this beach has a concession stand and facilities for the whole family to use, including showers and changing areas.

Wollaston Beach

For a laidback beach outing, head to Quincy for a beach day with a view. Set up your beach chair on this easy-to-access beach and enjoy the stunning views of Boston. Lifeguards are on duty until early September, which is a necessity for any parent. For lunch or dinner, hit up The Clam Box or Tony’s Clam Shop for some mouthwatering seafood Just remember to bring water shoes, as this is one of the Boston-area’s rockier beaches.

Wingaersheek Beach

Relax with the family in this tranquil beach in Gloucester. Here you’ll find plenty of white sand to set up shop. Your kids will find clear water to play in and a hidden secret during low tide. When the tide goes down, you and your children can explore the rocks that become exposed. Be on the lookout for little sea creatures in the crevices.

Nahant Beach

If you’re a parent in Boston, you’ve definitely heard of Nahant Beach. Parent bloggers extol this easy-to-get-to beach as one of the most convenient for families thanks to lots of parking. The waves here are also calmer, making it an exceptional place for kids to frolic.