Pool Party Prep Checklist

Pool Party Prep Checklist

The best part of having a swimming pool is that you can always be the life of the party, and there’s no stopping you. Organizing a pool party with your friends can be challenging whether or not you have a swimming pool. It requires effective planning, and you may need a good enough lead time to ground your party idea and get your plans in order. Having a checklist to guide your planning efforts can be a good idea. Here is a pool party prep checklist to use.

Prepare your pool

Swimming pools demand constant care. You need to keep the water chlorinated and regularly clean the pool with a vacuum, skimmer, or cleaning pole. Remove debris from the pool, check the chemistry of the water, and do away with unnecessary items around the pool.

Also, don’t leave the pool open after cleaning or you may have to double work. Using a sliding pool deck can be your best solution. Some pool cover options can support the weight of several people, giving you more room as you wait for the party to begin. You can choose cover options that come on and off with the touch of a button, making the operation convenient.

Choose a theme

You can theme your pool party experience around selected colors, where like-minded people select a particular color. For instance, you can assign the color red to sci-fi lovers, while green goes to comedy lovers. It makes the party a little more fun and gives people something to talk about just by seeing other people’s colors. You can also theme your play area around the unique design options shared across party members.

It’s also crucial to settle on these things before sending your invites out. That way, people can hit the bra store early enough to buy the perfect bra or bathing suit from available flash sales. A perfect fit is key when it comes to pool wear.

Develop a budget

With your pool sorted and invites out of the way, your party is happening. However, there can’t be a party without drinks, food, and music which can affect your energy costs and budget. It’s crucial to stay within your budget. Therefore, developing one early and having an idea of your entire expenses can be more than a good idea. The budget also helps determine what bits of the operation costs to take out or add if needed. 

The best way to stay within your budget is to compare different price ranges on the market. That way, you can ensure you’re getting the best deals. For example, your pool party might need decor and other essential items like a grill. So, make a list of these items, where to get them, and how to place them on your party grounds. That way, you don’t forget.

Send out reminders

Your pool party might already be the talk of the town, but it’s crucial to leave no stones unturned when sending out invites. This is especially true if you’re likely to feel bad when someone misses out. Sending out reminders helps you keep a clean conscience in such situations. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get a rough idea of who can still make it to your party.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

It’s crunch time, and it feels like the work doesn’t stop. While you party, you’re probably making sure that you’re not running out of drinks or food. Delegating some of these tasks can help you relax a little. You should enjoy yourself at the party, too.

All in all, this checklist is a great place to start. And don’t forget, cleaning up after your party should also be on your checklist. Don’t forget to have emergency numbers and contact information in case of any injuries. Have fun.