Professional Window Reglazing Services: Preserve Your Windows’ Integrity

Professional Window Reglazing Services: Preserve Your Windows' Integrity

Window reglazing is a vital process that ensures the integrity and efficiency of your windows, ultimately saving you money on energy costs. At Artan Window Works, they specialize in expert window reglazing to preserve the original beauty and functionality of your windows.

Understanding Window Reglazing

In essence, window reglazing involves the replacement of old putty or glazing around window panes. This meticulous process is necessary to address issues such as cracks, crumbling, or separation of putty from the glass pane and frame.

Reasons for Window Reglazing

Several factors make window reglazing a preferred choice over complete window replacement:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reglazing saves money compared to installing entirely new windows, especially if the rest of the window is in good condition.
  • Preservation of Original Windows: Reglazing helps maintain the historical significance and craftsmanship of original windows, making it ideal for older homes.
  • Environmental Impact: Opting for reglazing minimizes waste and reduces the environmental footprint associated with window replacement.

How Window Reglazing Occurs

The process of window reglazing is thorough and efficient:

  1. Glass Cutting: Glass is carefully cut to fit the window frame.
  2. Installation of Glazing Points: Glazing points are installed to secure the glass in place.
  3. Putty Application: Putty is kneaded and applied around the window pane, ensuring a secure seal.
  4. Finishing Touches: Using a putty knife, we bevel the glazing to create a smooth, seamless finish between the glass and wooden sash.

Trust Expert Glaziers for Reglazing

Don’t let worn-out putty compromise the efficiency and beauty of your windows. Professional glaziers have the experience and expertise to perform reglazing inexpensively and effectively. Let them revitalize your windows and enhance the comfort of your home with their expert reglazing services.

Explore a Range of Services

In addition to window reglazing, a comprehensive suite of services is offered by Artan Window Works to address all your window needs, including:

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