Sentosa Island Vacation Guide For New Tourists In Singapore

Sentosa Island Vacation Guide For New Tourists In Singapore

By having a variety of family tourist destinations there ranging from natural attractions such as beaches, educational tours, and playgrounds for all circles, of course, Sentosa Island should not be missed in your travel plans when visiting Singapore. 

You can also use various luxury hotels such as Hotel Michael as a place to rest after traveling around the island.

If you are already planning for a family vacation to Singapore and want to include Sentosa Island as a destination, especially for those of you who go to Singapore without a travel agent or take a tour package from Indonesia, you can immediately read the travel guide here!

Sentosa Island Vacation Guide

1. Set goals

Sentosa Island is famous as a resort area that has luxury hotels and recreational facilities for family tourism including Universal Studio, SEA Aquarium, Dolphin Island, Madame Taussads, Kids club, Trickeye Museum, and many more.

In addition, there are rides for games, there are also several natural tourist attractions such as beaches or enjoying the panoramic view of the beauty of Sentosa Island from the cable car/gondola.

So, when you plan a vacation to Singapore and include Sentosa Island on one of the lists of places you want to visit, first determine your main purpose here.

2. Arrange Itinerary

Given that there are so many tourist attractions here, decide in advance which places you want to visit. Because this will affect the budget and time you need to spend on vacation on Sentosa Island.

The biggest magnet for visitors to Sentosa Island is visiting the Universal Studio Singapore rides, which is the first and only Universal Studio in Southeast Asia. By having dozens of events and tourist attractions in it, this place is never empty of visitors. Sentosa Island is quite wide and can’t be explored in just 1 day!

3. Time Needed to Explore Sentosa Island

To get around Sentosa Island, visit its natural attractions such as beaches or get around by cable car, which takes at least half a day. The time you need to spend if you want to enter Madame Taussads, Trickeye Museum, and Kids Club is a minimum of 1 hour for each of these places.

So the number of places you can visit on Sentosa Island depends on the availability of your time to vacation on this island plus the budget you have, especially to pay for the entrance ticket.

4. Bring your ID or Passport, Especially for Children under 4 years old.

Bring a passport as identification, especially if you bring children under 3 years old. This is important for verification by the counter guard officer to show the truth that the small child we bring is really under 4 years old so that it is free or no entry fee is charged. 

Don’t let it happen because you don’t bring identification for children under 4 years old so you are required to pay the entrance ticket price for children over 4 years old. Because of this, don’t try to outsmart your child’s age so that it can be free.

5. Hotels or Resorts on Sentosa Island

On Sentosa Island, there are several Sentosa hotel places to stay, in addition to resorts that you can choose according to your budget and preferences. The choices include Beach Villas, Crockfords Tower, Equarius Hotel, Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Hotel Michael, Ocean Suite, or Treetop Loft, among many others.

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Final Words

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