The Ultimate Maldives Superyacht Charter Experience

The Ultimate Maldives Superyacht Charter Experience

The Maldives is often referred to as paradise on Earth. This enchanting geological marvel encompasses over 1,000 low-lying coral islands surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

This exotic destination is made for yachting. Aboard a Maldives superyacht charter, you can island-hop to your heart’s content. Drop anchor and explore uninhabited islands, soak up the sun on pristine white sandy beaches, make the most of your yacht’s tenders and toys on incredibly blue waters, or enjoy ultra-luxurious resorts. For lovers of the ocean, the Maldives is a dream come true. Snorkel or scuba dive stunning coral reefs teeming with colourful marine life. For nature lovers, the unspoiled interiors of the Maldives are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna

Maldives superyacht charter

The Ultimate Maldives Superyacht Charter Experience - Navigating Paradise

If you are planning a luxury yacht hire in the Maldives, read on. Here, the experts at Kensington Yachts, a leading yacht charter brokerage, share some of the best things to see and do on a private yacht charter in the Maldives.

Explore below the waves

The Ultimate Maldives Superyacht Charter Experience - Explore Below the Waves

There’s no question that the Maldives is ideal for the waterborne, with wonderfully warm waters and incredible visibility. The islands are one of the world’s premier diving and snorkelling destinations, with sites to suit all levels.

Baa Atoll is one of the largest groups of islands in the Maldives and is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve thanks to its incredible water quality and diverse marine life. The Biosphere Reserve supports one of the largest groups of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. It is home to globally significant marine life, making exploring below the waves here a must during a Maldives superyacht charter. Sightings of manta rays, whale sharks, sea turtles, reef sharks, dolphins, and stingrays are all commonplace in the Maldives.

For shipwreck enthusiasts, head to the wreck of the Maldives Victory, which sank on the Hullhule House Reef in 1981.

Visit Male

The Ultimate Maldives Superyacht Charter Experience - Visit Male

Male is one of the world’s smallest cities, spanning just 2.2 square miles. But don’t let its compact size put you off; it’s a bustling city that is well worth visiting to experience a true slice of life in the Maldives. Indeed, its vibrancy has led it to be dubbed the Manhattan of the Indian Ocean.

Top sights include the National Museum, Republic Square, and Sultan Park, an open green space filled with sculptures, greenery, and fountains. Foodies should check out some of the local markets, filled with exotic produce, before enjoying traditionally Maldivian cuisine at one of Male’s many local eateries. A must-try is Mashuni Roshi, a traditional Maldivian breakfast dish featuring tuna, coconut, and chilli peppers served with freshly baked roshi and sweetened hot tea – staples of Maldivian cuisine.

Relax at the Lagoon of Meerufenfushi

The Ultimate Maldives Superyacht Charter Experience - Relax at the Lagoon of Meerufenfushi

The exquisite island of Meerufenfushi is surrounded by a spectacular emerald-green lagoon, regarded as one of the jewels of the Maldives.

This destination was built for relaxation, with stunning white sand beaches fringed by palm trees and beautiful, calm waters for swimming. Soak up the sun and let the stresses of day-to-day life slip away during your Maldives yacht hire.

The island is home to the exclusive Meeru Maldives resort, where you can enjoy exquisite fine dining, including freshly caught seafood, and the resort’s award-winning Duniye Spa, where well-being meets mindfulness and care. The sunsets here are stunning; enjoy them from a beach all to yourself or from the privacy of your luxury crewed yacht.

How can I arrange a Maldives superyacht charter?

The Ultimate Maldives Superyacht Charter Experience - How Can I Arrange a Maldives Superyacht Charter

If you would like to experience a Maldives superyacht charter, the best way is to contact a reputable charter brokerage. The best brokerages have access to the world’s finest charter yachts and will be able to create a bespoke charter itinerary in the Maldives just for you.