Tips And Tricks To Create Professional Travel Vlogs

Tips And Tricks To Create Professional Travel Vlogs

You are all decked up and prepared to head out on vacation. You want to make this holiday memorable. And there is no better way of doing that than making a video.

Travel vlogging can be challenging, considering that the videos come in varied forms. Starting from the usual talk and walk vlogging style visuals to the more street run-gun-shoot style videos, there are forms you need to master. But the essential thing is that you must know what type of travel videos you will be making even before starting with the filmmaking process.

Professional travel vlogs need to be more well-cut, inspirational, and cinematic with little to no narration. Find the right purpose for your visuals while making them informative at the same time.

Read on to find some helpful tips and tricks on creating professional travel vlogs that you and even your followers will like watching over and over again:

1. Watch More Travel Videos

If you are a writer, you need to learn both reading and writing to hone your skills. In the same way, if you want to make professional travel vlogs, you must learn from the videos of the other vloggers.

Learning is a never-ending procedure, and even the experts in their fields need to learn from their peers. Going through the travel vlogs of the other individuals will help you stay updated about what’s going on in the industry.

Going through travel vlogs is one of the best ways of getting inspired and knowing about new editing and filming styles. But you must know the subtle difference between getting inspired and copying. Just try to reinterpret what you watch in your own style.

2. Avoid Filming Everything

Now, that’s a very important travel vlogging tip. You must avoid shooting everything you encounter or experience during your tour. Of course, it is tempting to film each moment, but it will be a mess in the long run.

You will end up with hundreds of clips that you would not like to use at the end. Besides, staying glued to the camera only to shoot everything will be a complete waste of time and energy.

The best option is to set aside some time and get very clear on what kind of videos you are looking to make. This will help you save time and even your camera battery. And yes, you will even have better travel experiences in general.

3. Plan Your Videos Well in Advance

Say you are travelling to a certain city to film a city break video for the weekend. What do you want the video to convey? Will you be speaking in the video? Or, are you looking to feature snippets of varied places in the video? Or, do you have plans to create a cinematic style, dreamy video?

The best way is to find answers to all these questions even before travelling to the chosen destination. One mistake beginner vloggers make when creating travel vlogs is not planning in advance. They indulge in shooting random stuff, thinking everything will fall in place during editing.

No, editing is not a super cool way of putting all the footage together. In the end, you will find yourself screaming at your device, hoping to get away from the countless shots. Here, the only solution is to plan your video.

4. Use Software for Editing

You can use free video editing software for editing your travel vlogs to make them appear more professional and enticing. There are different types of free online tools available for this purpose.

They are really great and can make it very easy for travel vlogging beginners to create some of the most stunning visuals. Go for a super-intuitive video editing tool that offers you several chances of playing around with the footage in hand.

The best option is to choose tools with a complete library of media and video styles to guide the users through the entire editing procedure, telling them what kind of shots they require and when.

5. Center Your Travel Vlog Around a Place or Activity

Your travel video can take varied directions. Many individuals do this chronologically, making daily vlogs. But the best way is to centre your video around an activity or a place.

This is one of the best ways of making an interesting travel video that covers the entire day. If you happen to find a place where you enjoyed spending time, create a video of that place. If you love a country’s cuisine, create a food reviewing vlog.

6. The Shooting Gear is Not Important

You might be surprised to know that the gear you use for shooting your travel video does not matter. Camera, lenses, tripods, drone, filters, gimbal, stabilizer – you do not need all of these for making good quality travel videos.

Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you when you need it. In these present times when technology knows no bounds, you can use your smartphone conveniently for capturing DSLR quality videos. And that too without putting in a lot of time and effort!

So, avoid weighing yourself down with different types of useless equipment, especially at the beginning. Just your phone and you can get the job done easily. You will always have the time to upgrade your shooting gear in the future.

7. Keep Your Travel Vlogs Succinct and Short

Your travel video should not be more than three minutes in length. It is important to stay within this time limit because people lose interest if videos are longer.

Make sure the narrative sections are not longer than 30 seconds. This is not much, but considering that people have become quite impatient on social media platforms to market travel business, it works to keep their interest going.

You must also factor in that the end purpose of making a travel vlog is keeping it just a couple of minutes in length. Remembering this until the end of your travel video creation will help you make shorter visuals that capture the main essence of what you are looking to show.


That’s it! These are some of the most important tricks and travel tips to help you make the most professional videos within minutes. Just be creative and authentic in whatever you do, and nothing will ever be able to stop you from becoming a famous travel vlogger!