The Top 5 Art Exhibits You Can’t Miss Visiting in New York City This Winter

The Top 5 Art Exhibits You Can’t Miss Visiting in New York City This Winter

Just because the temperature has dipped and the streets are bound to be covered in slush and snow before you know it doesn’t mean winter in New York City can’t be a magical time. In fact, this winter might just be pretty amazing, thanks to some of the city’s top cultural institutions. Instead of wasting another boring day at home, enjoy some of the best art the city has to offer with a trip to one of these exciting exhibitions:

Constantin Brancusi sculpture at MoMA

If you love sculpture, you’ll be left in awe by master sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s show at MoMA. While the Romanian artist has been dead for more than 60 years, his compositions in wood, stone, and metal feel as fresh today as they did when they were first constructed. Peruse Brancusi’s famous busts, metallic masks, birds, and the phallic symbols that made him famous during a trip to MoMA this winter. But if you want to catch this unique show, act fast—it’s only up through February 18th.

MOTHA and Chris E. Vargas

Consciousness Razing at The New Museum: Enjoy a brilliant new perspective on the queer and trans experience at The New Museum this winter, courtesy of Chris E. Vargas. As part of his residency at the museum, filmmaker and multimedia artist Vargas has created a unique look at the cultural touchstones that have shaped queer and trans lives both half a century ago and today, from the Stonewall riots to how LGBTQIA history has been commemorated in politics.

Monumental Journey

The Daguerreotypes of Girault de Prangey at The Met: If you find yourself on the Upper East Side this winter, make sure to pop into The Met for the can’t-miss Daguerreotypes of Girault de Prangey exhibit, running through May 12th. Cataloging Girault de Prangey’s three-year journey through the Mediterranean, including some of the oldest photographs of parts of the Middle East and northern Africa, this incredible collection of daguerreotypes will make you feel like you’re following the photographer along every step of his travels.

Implicit Tensions

Mapplethorpe Now at The Guggenheim: Devoted fans of Robert Mapplethorpe would be wise to hit The Guggenheim this winter for a Mapplethorpe retrospective unlike any other. This exhibition not only showcases the late artist’s prolific photography portfolio, but everything from his collages to the early images Mapplethorpe captured on his trust Polaroid, as well as some of his beloved works of self-portraiture.

God Made My Face

A Collective Portrait of James Baldwin at David Zwirner Gallery: Admirers of author James Baldwin will see the esteemed writer in new light upon catching a glimpse of this incredible show at David Zwirner in Chelsea. Exploring the multifaceted nature of Baldwin himself, through his life as an author, a gay man, and a black man living in America, this unique collaboration, including works from Marlene Dumas, Kara Walker, Richard Avedon, and others, paints a stunning portrait of this complex artist.

Whether you’re a fan of abstract art, impressionist painting, or find yourself bowled over by bold installations, New York’s premier cultural institutions are overflowing with amazing exhibits this winter. When the cold weather and cabin fever prove too much for you, head to one of the city’s amazing museums or galleries and check out one of these amazing exhibitions.