Travel Guide – Discovering the Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs of Iceland

Travel Guide - Discovering the Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs of Iceland

Bird and nature lovers rejoice at the scenic Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs in Iceland. Located in the Westfjords, this is one of the most popular and largest bird cliffs in the entire world. The area is in a remote location, meaning you need to know how to get there and how to stay safe whilst taking in the jaw-dropping views.


You will have to hike to get to these cliffs, so make sure you have some sturdy sneakers or walking boots. There are no shops around, so stock up on snacks and water before the journey. Parking in the Bjargtangar car park brings you to the western tip of the cliffs. You can then walk east, towards the highest peak, which stands at 1,447 ft and offers the most amazing views of the area. The first part of the hike can be a bit of a challenge and is a little steep, but you should soon find the ground evening out once you pass this. This hike is just under four miles. If you are unable to hike far, you can still get spectacular views without reaching the highest peak.


The most popular bird you will see at the Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs is the puffin. If you are an avid birdwatcher, this is a real treat. Be sure to travel during puffin season; anytime between May and August should guarantee you to see some. Other birds you may see here include guillemots, loons, razorbills, ringed plovers and arctic terns. Be sure to get yourself some binoculars if you want to see these wonderful birds up close.

Staying Safe

The Latrabjarg cliffs are kept as true to nature as possible, meaning that there are no fences stopping you from falling over the edge. The drop-down is steep and there are lines drawn across the grass to show where it is safe to stand and where it may be too close to the edge. You may see people hanging over these cliffs to get closer to the birds; this isn’t recommended and could result in death. Stay safe and use your binoculars. It also isn’t respectful to get so close to the birds and point cameras in their face, especially if the birds are nesting. Doing this could result in the bird attacking and becoming stressed.

Getting There

If you are staying in the Westfjords, start by taking Road 60, driving towards FlΓ³kalundur. There are no gas stations after this, so be sure your vehicle is full enough before leaving here. Once you have passed FlΓ³kalundur, follow Road 62 until you hit Road 612. This is a gravel road, which will lead you to the car park mentioned earlier (Bjargtangar). The road is bumpy here, so be careful and ensure your car or campervan is safe to drive. Hiring a campervan is a great way to experience the Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs in your own time.

One final thing: don’t forget your camera as you are bound to see some stunning birds up close and personal. Remember: take your time and stay safe; the views are worth the hike.