Travel Tips – 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Vacation Cottage Rental

Travel Tips - 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Vacation Cottage Rental

So, you and your family are thinking about trying something new for vacation this year. You’ve “been there and done” that with the “visiting a new city and staying in a hotel” thing enough times to know that you want to try something totally new. You’ve decided that you want to get out and discover some history, culture and nature all in an authentic way. Well then, this would be the perfect time to consider a cottage rental for your next trip.

A trip to Quebec in Canada, staying at a cottage like Le Clos des Brumes, or maybe a stay at a secluded cottage on one of the Great Lakes in America, might suit your family. An even more adventurous international trip to a foreign country might be enticing. Whatever your destination is, selecting a cottage is more involved than just book, forget and travel. Renting a cottage can be an amazing experience but if you’re new to this, you really need to do some research to know exactly what the cottage offers and how that will affect your vacation preparations.

Here are 5 criteria to consider before making a decision on a cottage rental.

1. Sleeping accommodations

Usually, cottage listings mention the number of people that it can comfortably accommodate. Whether the owner of the cottage you have in sight does that or not, you can also go with the number of rooms and then evaluate the number of people you’ll feel comfortable staying with by looking at the available photos to avoid being disappointed or misled. For listing may claim that the cottage is for 4 to 6 people while conveniently omitting the fact that some people would have to sleep on sofa or pullout beds in the living room or kitchen. Take a close look at the listing pictures of the rooms to make an informed decision regarding the size of the cottage.

2. What are the amenities

You may find that some cottages are poorly equipped lacking essentials like a can opener, bottle opener, no extra rolls of toilet paper, little or no cleaning products, etc. A missing item here and there is not a big deal, but if you have to spend a significant part of your vacation running out to buy amenities it would be wise to know that before you arrive. Unless a listing has a comprehensive list of included items, you might be in for a surprise on arrival. So it’s important to check on what you need to bring with you beforehand.

3. Is the location remote

There are really two schools of thought when it comes to proximity to neighbors or civilization while vacationing in remote locations. Some want to be far as possible from everything to enjoy the peace and quiet of their natural surroundings, while others may simply want to “be in nature” with everything just around the corner. There is no good answer here, you just have to make sure that the cottage you rent is located according to your personal preferences on the matter.

4. Proximity to water

One of the biggest draws of cottages located close to nature is their potential proximity to water, however you might not necessarily want to pay a premium to rent a cottage with a waterfront. Sometimes you can get a great deal on a cottage in the same area that is in the same location, but just a bit further back from the waterfront whether it be on the ocean or a lake. But make sure that you ask the cottage owner about the proximity with water and the details to access it. There might be some access restrictions that could affect your decision.

5. Entertainment options

Hopefully, you’ll have good weather during your vacation and you will be able to go outside, but what if you have one or a few rainy days? Are there any cards, board games or movies? We mentioned above the importance (for some) to be close to water but even if you are, what will you actually be able to do? Is there any kayaking, canoeing or fishing equipment available close by? Can you access the internet from the cottage? Just some more simple things to consider in order to make your stay the best that it can be.