Travelling from Vancouver to New York City – Things to Remember While in New York

Travelling from Vancouver to New York City - Things to Remember While in New York

New York is a city that never sleeps. The diversity that you see here is something no other place will be able to offer. And, this is why you should at least visit New York at least once in your life. You can book your flights from here:

But before you get all excited and book your flight to New York, there are certain things that you should know about this bustling city.

1. Plan

Before you even leave your town, decide the ground transportation that you will be taking. Additionally, ensure that your luggage is easily identifiable and manageable for you to carry. When in New York, never leave your bags unattended. There will be strangers asking you to carry your bags near the counter or door, donโ€™t fall into that trap.

2. Hailing Taxis

All taxis in NY are easily identifiable, so ensure that you donโ€™t get into an unmarked cab.  Typically, NYC cabs are yellow with a light on the top that displays the medallion number of the driver. You can also identify authentic cabs by the ID numbers on the hood. Uber and Lyft are also available here that are regulated by Limousine Commission and NYC Taxi. Exit from the curb side and watch out for pedestrians and cyclists. And make sure you tip the driver, as it is highly expected here.

3. Getting an Accommodation

There is a wide range of hotels in New York, ensure that you do your research beforehand. Check out the hotel reviews, prices, localities, etc. prior to making reservations. Choosing a hotel is a safer option that other accommodations like couch surfing or homestay as you will have round the clock security, secured internet connection, etc.

4. Exploring the City

Walking is one of the best ways to explore this city, but being a foreigner, you will have to take certain precautionary measures. Make sure you stay on the main streets and cross only at the intersection. Keep a lookout at the traffic signal and vehicles. Walking in New York at night can be a bit risky, so make sure you still to the populated and well-lit streets. Know your path before you get out of the hotel room. When walking, look out of the landmarks and cross streets, that will help you to find your way back.

5. Best Places to Explore

A great thing about New York is that a majority of the sites here can be explored free of cost. Greenwich Village is a winding street that has many brownstones and dining spots. Do a walk through these areas to explore some of the most delicious food that you will find in New York. If you are into art or want to explore nightlife, then head straight, Chelsea. Time Square and Midtown are always crowded but are well-patrolled and among the popular touristโ€™s spot. Head to Brooklyn and Queens if you want to try interesting cuisines offered that New York has to offer.

6. Buy a Metro Card

Subways in New York are quite efficient and affordable, so they can be a great mode of transportation. But make sure you acquire your Metro Card only from approved vendors present at the station. When waiting for the train, stand behind the yellow line. Ensure to keep your possessions away from the door.

7. Check the Rating of the Restaurants

When you are eating out, make sure the restaurant possesses an A rating from the New York City Health Departments. But street restaurants typically donโ€™t have any ratings, so here it depends entirely on you. There are many eateries in New York, and the list continues to grow. Some of the dishes that you do need to try are New York Bagel, New York Style Pizza, Chicken and Rice, Dim Sum, Black & White Cookies, Cheesecake, Steak, Bialy, Pastrami sandwiches, hamburgers, ramen, knishes, etc.

New York is a big city that needs to explore with patience instead of in a hurry. Plan your trip wisely and spend at least five days here so that you can comfortably explore all the popular places, try tons of delicious food, and shop some souvenirs to take back home. Additionally, if you will consider all the above tips, you can ensure that your time here spends wisely and comfortably.