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Holiday Travel – Why Miami is the Best Location for Christmas Vacation

Holiday Travel - Why Miami is the Best Location for Christmas Vacation

There’s a reason why there’s the term “snowbirds.” Every winter, people from the northern US and the cold climates of Europe flock to Miami to warm up while having fun. This holds true for the holidays when Miami’s sunny holiday cheer comes to life and the warm temps are much appreciated by anyone participating in the festivities.

Here are some reasons why everyone should take their Christmas vacation in Miami.

It’s Easy

Miami is just under a three-hour flight from most major East Coast cities and not much farther from other points in the United States. Think about it. There’s no need to worry about a passport or customs — just purchase some of the well-priced tickets from almost anywhere in the country, hop on a plane, and you’re in a tropical city. No exchange rates, not international roaming plans, just sun and sea.

The Beach

Speaking of the sea: if dashing through the snow (or driving through a blizzard) doesn’t sound like a pleasant way of spending the holiday, how does a sandal-footed stroll to the beach sound? It’s true that Miami doesn’t provide the glistening white powder to ski on or make a snowman, but that won’t matter when you’re planted on the beach. You can improvise and make sand-men or go (water) skiing on tranquil Biscayne Bay. Trust us, you’ll be happy to be in a bathing suit and not bundled up in layer upon layer. Miami has some of the best beaches in the country, too.

Fun for the Whole Family

Just because you’re close to the equator doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton of Christmas festivities for the entire family to take part in. For adults, there’s South Beach’s legendary nightlife where revelers can dance and drink the night away. For kids, at Santa’s Workshop, the North Pole can be found a little further south, specifically right in the heart of Tropical Park in Miami. And what it may lack the magic of snow and ice, it makes up for in lights, games for the family, and rides like roller coasters and drop towers — you won’t find this warm-weather fun almost anywhere north of here. But those visitors who are craving a bit of the snow don’t need to head north to catch a few flakes on their tongue. The Dolphin Mall hosts an annual snowfall that takes place where Santa sometimes makes a visit.

The Architecture

It’s hard to find a more stunning town, architecturally speaking. From the Miami Modern style as seen in the Fountainblue Miami Beach to the stunning Art Deco design of South Beach to the modern luxury of the new homes of Mission Bahia or Una Residences, you don’t just have to look at the stunning buildings but you can stay in them (or live in one if you want).

The Food

With its unique location, Miami’s food scene is legendary as a place where cultures from Cuba, South and Central America, and Asia have melded to create a distinctive cuisine that’s at once international but extremely American. Pop into almost any restaurant in the Magic City, and you’ll find a mouthwatering dish. But here are a few that you absolutely must try, and it might even be worth it to forgo the Christmas turkey or ham for some of these. The frita tradicional, which Thrillist describes in delicious detail as “the Cubano version of the American hamburger with papitas (aka matchstick potatoes) and secret sauce on Cuban bread.” And, of course, there’s the fresh seafood that seemingly jumps out of the Atlantic onto the tables of top-notch spots like Joe’s Stone Crab or the elegant NAOE.


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