4 Best Tourist Attractions In Bandung, Indonesia

4 Best Tourist Attractions In Bandung

Bandung is one of the areas in Indonesia that is often visited by tourists. It’s not without reason, considering that Bandung has a variety of tourist attractions with their respective advantages.

In this case, we will discuss what interesting tourist attractions Bandung has to offer. That way, tourists can easily choose one of them.

You are planning a trip to Bandung, and want to visit the best tourist attractions in Bandung.

Youโ€™re not sure where to go, and you donโ€™t want to waste your time visiting tourist attractions that are boring or overrated.

Read this guide to find out which tourist attractions in Bandung are worth visiting!

4 Bandung Tourist Attractions That Are Worth a Visit

Here are four Bandung must go to attractions that are worth a visit for tourists:

1. Geological Museum

For tourists who want to broaden their knowledge, they can visit the Geological Museum in Bandung. This place operates from 8 am to 4 pm local time.

The Geological Museum is an educational tourist destination that presents various kinds of fossils and rare animal skeletons. Therefore, you can say that tourists will be able to broaden their knowledge after visiting this place.

2. Cliff of Mount Hawu

Want to climb a mountain while on vacation in Bandung? Then the Cliff of Mount Hawu is the right choice for you. This cliff is one of the mountain tour destinations in Bandung and has a charm that makes it different from other destinations.

The cliff of Mount Hawu will spoil tourists with beautiful views and very cool refreshing air, and will make this holiday experience unforgettable for tourists.

3. The Lodge Maribaya

Itโ€™s highly recommended to visit this Bandung tourist destination for tourists who like challenging outdoor activities. Because in this place there will be a game called Zip Bike.

Tourists can experience riding a hanging bicycle at this tourist spot. Not only that, but The Lodge Maribaya also provides Sky Swing tours, which is a swing that hangs above a valley.

4. Wayang Festival

Bandung is also one of the regions in Indonesia that often holds an event called the Wayang Festival. This event allows tourists to watch a very traditional wayang kulit puppet show.

So, tourists who want to watch a traditional puppet show like this can come directly to the Wayang Festival event.

The four Bandung attractions listed above have their respective advantages. So, tourists can choose for themselves which one suits their style.

Final Words

In conclusion, Bandung is a city that offers much to tourists. The four attractions listed here are only a small sampling of what Bandung has to offer. Be sure to check out other attractions in the city, such as the Dago Tea Plantations, the Gedung Sate government building, and the Tangkuban Perahu volcano. Also, you can use Langhe, a guide for travelers that lists all the events in a city, so that you can plan your trips around them. Bandung is a great city for shopping, so be sure to visit some of the city’s many malls and markets.