5 Pro Travel Tips For Hotel And Car Rentals

5 Pro Travel Tips For Hotel And Car Rentals

Did you know that 4 out of 5 trips people make are for leisurely purposes? Let’s face it, traveling for fun is interesting and rejuvenating. You discover new places and develop new relationships when you take leisurely trips; no wonder it’s so popular.

But there’s a catch. In the case of business trips, you’d recoup part or all of your travel expenses from the deals you close. This is unlike leisurely travel, which tends to be costly, especially when you don’t pre-plan for it.

However, with the right travel tips, you can manage the budget and make the trip hassle-free. Here are the traveling tips you should consider for the next journey.

1. Travel During the Off-Season: Top Among the Travel Tips

The forces of demand and supply have a powerful effect on the cost of traveling. During the peak seasons, many people travel at once, meaning the demand for services is higher. The suppliers of accommodation and car rentals have the upper hand at these moments.

These suppliers are more than likely to charge a premium for their services. They know somebody somewhere will meet their prices without thinking twice. Traveling at peak times can inflate your travel budget to disproportionate levels.

The good thing about the peak seasons is they rarely last for a long period. The off-season provides multiple opportunities for travelers to exploit, since the forces of demand and supply favor them. You’ll be amazed at how the prices of accommodation, hire car rentals, and even food are cheap during off-seasons.

Aside from the low prices, it’s easier to access services during this period since few people use them. This means it’s possible to find premium services for travel for a song.

2. Make Travel Arrangements Ahead of Time

One school of thought posits you’ll get great deals by booking activities at the last minute on the ground. Yes, this is possible, but it is heavily dependent on luck. You don’t want to rely on luck when it comes to making travel arrangements that are sound and economical.

The companies you’ll work with, for instance, American Hotels & Car Rental, love to plan. You help them to plan when you inform them of your travel plans on time. Some of these companies extend discounts when you make the work easier for them. However, if you want to save even more money and time on your travel arrangements, you might want to consider using a travel company that offers a wider range of services, including car rental, hotels, parking, tours, and attractions.

Planning ahead of time as one of your traveling tips has another advantage to it. It helps you eliminate unforeseen bottlenecks that might ruin your travel plans.

Imagine you wanted to use a specific car rental to travel on a future date. You sit back and wait for that time to come so that you can rent the car. What are the chances of finding someone else to book the car rental?

Planning ahead of time prevents you from getting into these uncertain moments. Furthermore, there’s room for flexibility when you plan. If what you plan to use for your travel won’t be available, you’ll know on time so that you can make alternative arrangements.

3. Avoid Car Rentals With a Pre-Pay Gas Option

Research and analyze the terms of agreement of car rental companies before settling on one. Generally, it’s best to avoid the companies that use the pre-pay gas options. Companies that have this option will need you to purchase the first tank from them.

Normally, these companies expect that you’ll return the car after exhausting the gas. What makes this option unattractive is the cost of the gas. The prepay-per-gallon price under the terms is usually way higher than what local gas stations offer.

Failing to exhaust the gas upon returning the car is still in the best interest of the company. You end up paying exorbitant prices for gas, and they make savings on what you leave behind. The best alternative is to work with car rentals that allow you to fill the tank.

Don’t refill the gas tank at the last station close to the airport if you will travel by air. Most of these stations charge more than other stations far from the airport.

Give yourself time to refill the car rental 5 or 10 miles away from the airport before making the drop-off. Failing to refill the tank before making the drop-off is costly as well. The car rental will refill on your behalf and charge you higher rates per gallon.

4. Make Price Comparisons 

Hotels and car rental companies will bombard you with advertisements. Most, if not all of them, claim to offer the best prices in town. Don’t fall for this gimmick, as it’s a marketing tactic designed to entice you to sign up for services.

You need to make an independent analysis of what each player on the market offers. The most convenient way to make price comparisons is through the internet. Many sites compile all the deals from different car rentals and hotels in one place.

Price alone shouldn’t be the main factor guiding the tips for traveling. Instead, compare the price against what’s being offered. Work with companies that give you value for your money.

5. Rent Your Place Out

Wondering how to travel from home for a long period without incurring too many expenses? Well, you’ll inevitably have to dedicate a significant amount of money toward the trip. Trips that last for weeks or months will, in the long run, cost an arm and a leg.

Renting your place out when you are gone is a smart way to offset some of these costs. You could even end up making a profit by renting out your space when you aren’t around. In essence, don’t let your house sit idly when you can make money off it while you away from traveling.

Enjoy Stress-Free Travel

Leisure travels are therapeutic for many people. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the daily struggles of life and explore the fun side of it. However, traveling tends to be more costly when you do it on impulse.

Strive to research and implement travel tips that bring the budget down without compromising on quality before your next trip. Start by practicing the above. Discover more educational articles by browsing through the website.