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How to Plan Trip Downtime

How to Plan Trip Downtime

For some of us, going on holiday is when we get our much-needed downtime. Unfortunately for others, it’s anything but. While there’s nothing wrong with living life to the absolute fullest while traveling, there’s also nothing wrong with a touch of downtime. If you push your boundaries too much, you’ll find that you need a holiday as soon as you arrive back on home soil. In other words, that immersion back into “normal life” becomes so much harder if you have bitten off more than you can chew during what was supposed to be a relaxing break.

Let’s be honest, trip downtime is better than any kind you can get at home. Today’s guide is all about showing how it can be done, without supposedly spoiling your break.

The obvious solution – a spa

One of the easiest ways to plan downtime on your trip is to pencil in a trip to a spa. Some hotels like the Belfry already have them incorporated into their facilities, while on other occasions you may have to travel elsewhere. Regardless, it’s a worthy option. It is something that will well and truly recharge your batteries and prepare you for coming back to your home life and picking up from where you left off.

Sometimes it’s about your itinerary

While a spa might be the obvious solution, sometimes downtime is about thinking outside of the box. Quite often, a lot of us are quick to check Trip Advisor and develop a bucket list of attractions which we must visit before we jump back on the plane home.

As it turns out, having a preplanned itinerary can be a really tiring way to run your holiday. Before you know it, you’re halfway through your “to-visit” list and you are exhausted and sick of the sight of souvenir shops. On your “days off”, keep itineraries to a minimum and just plan what you feel. It will make the world of difference.

Avoid the tourists on your downtime days

On a similar note, another easy way which you can pencil in downtime is by simply avoiding the crowds (aka tourists). Waddling behind large groups can be tiring to say the least and after doing it for ten days, tiredness changes to exhaustion.

Whether it is finding somewhere quiet, or just going to a so-called local destination, try and avoid the crowds. Sure, you might not be sat down for the whole day, but you’ll be amazed at how much better your body feels after basking in quieter surroundings.

Give your body a break in every possible sense

Finally, let’s not forget that trip downtime is sometimes about just giving your body a break in every sense of the word. For some of us, this might be a day free of the all-inclusive alcohol selection. For others, it might be about staying out of the sun, and giving your skin something of a break. Regardless, make sure you take it into account. The last thing you want is to plan a day of downtime, only to be hungover the next day when you’re trying to kick-start activities.


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