Tips to Find The Best Family Apartment in Indonesia

Tips to Find The Best Family Apartment in Indonesia

Designing an apartment that caters to family involves emphasizing two important factors: security and amenities. While the property’s proximity to public parks, libraries, or schools might be beyond your control, you have an upper hand when choosing amenities for your family.

You have to consider what features and amenities parents would deem essential for the entire family member, especially the kids. If you’re a parent yourself, you probably have a few apartment amenities in mind that can significantly impact the experience of living with kids. But to provide you with more assistance, we have organized this little guide for you.

How to Choose the Best Family Apartment

Opting for a family apartment is an ideal living choice particularly if you reside in a bustling city. But before choosing the ideal family-friendly apartment, take note of these essential tips to ensure a comfortable living experience for you and your loved ones:

  • Choose a Family Apartment with Easy Access:
    • Before selecting the ideal family apartment, you have to consider how to commute from one place to another. If you own a car, ensure the apartment has easy access to city roads. If you rely on public transportation like buses or trains, make sure the apartment is located near a transit station.
  • Consider the Security and Safety:
    • Safety and security measures are the most important factors to consider when choosing a living place, let alone with kids. Choose an apartment with a 24-hour front office, security personnel, and CCTV surveillance for added security.
      In addition, the types of apartment doors installed by the providers should be taken into account. Automatic smart card systems are generally considered safer than regular ones.
  • Consider the Amenities
    • A crucial factor to contemplate when selecting a family apartment is the availability of facilities. An apartment with a swimming pool is particularly worth investing in as it provides a fun space for weekend activities with your family.
      In addition, consider other amenities like WiFi and laundry to ensure you have convenient access to essential services without the need to go outside. Also, it would be better if your apartment is close to attractions or a playground for kids. Keep in mind that living in an apartment might be boring for your children. So, to avoid such feelings, it’s nice to take them outside the unit and play at the kid’s playground.
  • Choose a Pet-friendly Apartment:
    • For a family with pets, it’s worth investing in an apartment that embraces your pet as well. Make sure that the apartment is situated in close proximity to pet amenities such as grooming service and other pet accommodations. Don’t forget to factor in the size of your unit to comfortably accommodate both your family and pets.
  • Choose a Kid-friendly Apartment Design:
    • A well–designed apartment can serve as a wonderful home for families with children. Designing apartments with kids in focus highlights the significance of some factors, such as safety, extra storage, kid-friendly furniture, and more. But among these factors, your children’s safety and comfort should be your top priority.

Fortunately, you can have the best comfort and safety for your family in Somerset Sudirman Jakarta. Situated at Jl. Karet Pasar Baru Barat V No. 92, Senayan, this apartment was perfectly established as one of the best places to live with family. Not only provides the best facilities but also offers easy access for you to commute around attractions and business centers in Jakarta.

Somerset Sudirman Jakarta is only a 10-minute ride to the renowned Plaza Senayan and Senayan City shopping malls while 15 minutes away to the SCBD area and other Jakarta’s famous business districts. And what this family apartment has in store for you will be explained below.

Somerset Sudirman Jakarta, The Best Family Apartment to Live with More Benefits

Somerset Sudirman Jakarta is a serviced apartment strategically located in the hubbub of the city’s main business and shopping center at Senayan. This Senayan family apartment gives you and your family many benefits. From easy access and complete facilities to a kid-friendly environment to help your children prosper.

Somerset Sudirman Jakarta boasts 177 units ranging from standard hotel rooms to studio or one–to two–bedroom types. It is an ideal residence for both families and travelling executives, with the flexibility of connecting rooms to provide more space.

Somerset Sudirman Jakarta will get you to enjoy a number of facilities, including a comprehensive fitness center, a swimming pool, an outdoor playground for kids, a residents’ lounge, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a BBQ area, a jogging track, meeting rooms, and a launderette. So, no need to look harder when you have Somerset Sudirman Jakarta as an ideal living space for you and your family.