Italy’s Iconic Venetian Lagoon – Set Sail to Explore Five Islands of Venice by Yacht

Italy's Iconic Venetian Lagoon - Set Sail to Explore Five Islands of Venice by Yacht

Water is a vital and sacred part of Italy’s world-famous archipelago. With over 100 islands of Venice laced like pearls across a shallow lagoon, exploring by boat is not only a glamorous way to travel, but a necessary one. 

This makes a Venice yacht charter a truly unique experience to cherish. Whilst you’ll need a Venetian water license to meander around the canals themselves, dock in the Grand Canal and enjoy the unrivalled beauty and striking scenery of Piazza San Marco, the Ponte di Rialto and Gallerie dell’Accademia as the Venetians do – by foot.

Venetian Archipelago Lagoon Islands - Venice, Italy

You can then set sail across the mini islands of Venice for a different perspective on your yacht charter in Italy. Historically, certain parts of the Venetian lagoon had a particular role to play, giving each island its own personality and charms in the making of this magical city’s story. 

Here are 5 islands of Venice to discover…


Burano Island - Venice, Italy

Beautiful Burano is home to the rainbow-painted houses from the postcards. Stop here for a delicious fish risotto or squid-ink spaghetti (find where the Venetians head on their lunch break for the best local specialities), exquisite artisan lace, and moreish shortbread-style biscotti.


Sant’Erasmo Island - Venice, Italy

Known as the Garden of Venice, the largest island in the Venetian lagoon is worth a visit on if you’d like to get away from the hustle and bustle on your yacht charter in Italy. Sant’Erasmo is a bright green agricultural outpost that provides much of the city’s fruits and vegetables, with great views of the main island’s recognisable skyline in the distance.


Murano Island - Venice, Italy

This island of Venice is renowned for its glass – ever since all the city’s glassmakers were required to live there to protect all their glass-making secrets.  Many glass factories here offer tours, and you can watch Murano glassmakers create new products using traditional techniques. There are also plenty of shops to buy an exclusive Murano glass souvenir, including vases, jewellery, trinkets and wine stoppers.


Torcello Island - Venice, Italy

Quiet and peaceful, most of Torcello is a nature reserve and a great stop on your Venice yacht charter for a peaceful stroll, or to spend a night in the legendary Locanda Cipriani. The 7th-century Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta here features remarkable 11th and 12th century Byzantine mosaics, which are believed to be the oldest remaining mosaics in the Venetian area.

Lido di Venezia

Torcello Island - Venice, Italy

Lido di Venezia, or ‘the Lido’, is best known for hosting the Venice Film Festival, but it’s also a popular beach resort in the summer months. This narrow strip of land between the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea is very different from the other islands of Venice, with leafy residential areas, café-lined promenades, and roads complete with the buzz of cars, Vespas and cyclists.

luxury yacht charter to Venice is the perfect way to see these iconic spots in all their glory. Hopefully, this has piqued your curiosity about the much-revered islands of Venice – ready, set, explore!