Tips to Make Hotel Rooms Cozy and Comfortable Using Glass

Tips to Make Hotel Rooms Cozy and Comfortable Using Glass

The hotel industry is transforming every day. Hotel owners are searching for and adopting different ideas to make their hotel rooms unique and more comfortable so they can enhance their guests’ experience. Glass is one of the most trendy materials being used in such ideas.  Due to its versatile functionality and many benefits, it can be used with unlimited, customizable ideas. Following are some ideas which you can consider to make your hotel room more comfortable.

Insulated Glass Windows

A quiet and temperature-controlled environment is the basis to make any hotel room comfortable. To achieve this, insulated glass windows are the best choice. Insulated glass is made of two glass panels joined together with the help of a spacer. Argon gas is filled between the spaces to improve its insulation. This two-panel glass reduces the outside noise by up to 50% and makes the room environment quiet. It is the must-to-use option when your room’s outside window is on the road. It also helps to control the temperature by keeping the outside cold and hot weather coming into your room. It can be a cost-saving investment because it can reduce energy bills by up to 70%, which could be used for heating and cooling. If a UV protection layer is added to the mirror panels, it also helps to reduce the sunlight UV rays coming into the room.

Open Bathroom and Shower Enclosure

Open bathrooms are also very trendy these days. You can find many luxurious hotel rooms where you will have an open bathroom right into the bedroom. A luxurious bathtub surrounded by glass shower screens and walls is installed in the room. If you want to add optional privacy in the open bathroom, then you can also use switchable glass in shower walls. The switchable glass gets blurred or frosted with a single click to prevent direct viewing of the bathroom. Due to this feature, you can convert the bathroom area into a different room by making the glass frosted.

Glass Separate Vanity Area

Most hotel bedrooms have vanity areas inside the bathroom; however, you can also have them inside your bedroom. A toughened glass wall can be installed to separate the vanity area from the bedroom, which will also prevent water spells coming into the bedroom.

Luxurious Shower Doors

A shower door has become very necessary for every bathroom. It is very important to have a shower door installed in your hotel room. It not only gives a luxurious look to the bathroom but also enhances the bathing experience by making it more comfortable and cozy. You can also add a temperature-controlled shower enclosure, which can be a bit costly but will increase the overall worth of the hotel room. You can use toughened glass panels for the shower doors; however, if you need a more clear look, then you can go for low-iron glass. Low iron glass is a clearer type of glass that comes with low iron. You can see a greenish shade on the edges of regular toughened glass; however, in low iron glass, the edges are totally clear.

Glass Balustrades on Balconies

If your hotel room has a terrace, balcony, or patio area, then it is a wise decision to use glass balustrade on the surroundings. The glass balustrades give a sense of more space. Glass balustrades are also very easy to customize. You can use them in any type and size of terrace. These can be used as frameless, or you can use them with a wooden or metal frame. These can also be installed with the help of simple metal posts.


These are a few tips that you can adopt to enhance the overall look of your hotel room on a limited budget. These changes to your hotel room will surely have high ROI by enhancing your guests’ experience.