Pet-Friendly Excursions – Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Cat

Pet-Friendly Excursions - Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Cat

While traveling with a dog is becoming more and more common, it is still pretty rare to see people traveling with their cat. Nevertheless, if your cat is quite social and outgoing, a travel adventure may be just what the two of you need to bring you even closer together!

1. Less Stress

Okay, so organizing all of the paperwork and health checks needed before traveling with your cat may take some time, but once this is done, traveling with your cat will make the whole experience so much less stressful.


Well, for starters, your cat has the ability to quickly lower your body’s levels of cortisol (the hormone your body releases when stressed). Just being around your cat has this effect, even if your cat is in a carrier. When you and your cat have physical contact, the results are even greater. This stimulates your brain into releasing certain hormones that boost the mood while also lowering blood pressure and heart rate, all of which makes the experience of traveling much less stressful.

2. A Great Ice-Breaker

It is always fun to meet new people when traveling, and this is something that your cat will encourage.


Simply by just being there!

It will surprise you how many people approach you when you are traveling with your cat. Of course, they will all be cat lovers, meaning that you immediately have something important in common. From the airport to your hotel to different landmarks at your destination, whenever you have your cat with you, you will quickly meet other like-minded people.

3. Constant Companionship

Your cat provides you with constant companionship at home, and this is something that your cat will be able to do while the two of you are traveling too.

No matter where you go, you will always have someone that you can turn to and talk to. Yes, your cat may not be able to talk back, but sometimes all you need is a listening ear to make you feel better.

4. Pet-Friendly Travel is Becoming Easier by the Day

Traveling with a cat is now easier than it has ever been.

Let’s begin with the journey itself…

Whether you are driving, taking a train, taking a bus, or flying, a cat is allowed on just about every mode of transport there is.

When it comes to pet-friendly accommodation, there is now so much choice out there. From budget hostels to five star resorts, an increasing number of accommodation providers now have pet-friendly policies. While this may be the case, it is still always wise to speak to your accommodation provider in advance, just to inform them that you will be bringing a cat with you.

Many people don’t consider taking their cat with them while traveling, but this is something that could really make the whole experience so much more enjoyable. While this may be the case, make sure that you keep your cat’s personality in mind. If your cat is quite anxious and withdrawn, or doesn’t like being around people, then you may want to begin with a short local trip to see how your cat copes.