Vacation Destination – What Is The Marriott Destination Program?

What Is The Marriott Destination Program?

Did you know over 9.9 million households in the United States own 1 or more timeshares as part of a private club? One of those private timeshare clubs would be the Marriot Destinations Club! 

If you’re looking to invest in a timeshare and get sweet travel rewards in return, the Marriot Destinations Club may be right for you. But how do you join, and what does being a member entail? 

Keep reading for the lowdown on the Marriot Destinations Program. 

The Program in a Nutshell

The Marriot Vacation Club Destinations Program is an ownership program with points-based benefits. You receive an allotment of “Vacation Points’ each year. These points allow you to gain access to Marriott’s collection of timeshare vacations around the world for you to enjoy! 

How Do You Join?

To join, you’ll have to become a timeshare owner within the Marriot Vacation Club Destinations Ownership Program. When you join, you become part of a land trust including all timeshare properties under the program. Your timeshare is now a part of the MVCD collection, available for use by other MVCD members. 

You also make a one-time purchase to get your allotment of points to use for your vacations! This includes a refreshed balance of points each year. You can also join the club by purchasing a resale of points from another seller. These points carry the same value as the original purchase.

What Are The Benefits?

Your one-time purchase of points acts as your travel wallet. When browsing different Marriott hotels & resorts in the collection, you’ll see a points value assigned to each. This is how many points you’ll exchange for a stay at the resort! The points price tag varies depending on location, length of stay, time of year, etc.

If a vacation isn’t in the cards for one year, no worries. You can bank your points to use at a later date, you never lose them. Looking to go all out on a big trip? You can borrow points from future years as well!

Your Marriott Destinations Club Benefits vary depending on your membership status. Membership status ranges from Owner up to Chairman’s Club, allowing you to get up to 15,000 points or more!

Marriot Vacation Club Destinations Collections

With Marriot Bonvoy, you get to reserve Marriott’s large collection of luxury timeshares worldwide. When you join, you’re getting the best properties in the most popular vacation destinations that you can’t get anywhere else.

You not only have access to Marriott Vacation Club resorts but also to affiliate resorts around the globe. They also offer an “Explorer Collection” including luxury cruises, excursions, and airline tickets.

Marriott Destination Club Points as Your Vacation Currency

Now you know the many exclusive benefits the Marriott Destinations Club has to offer. Your points act as your vacation currency, where you can bank and borrow as you need and get a replenished value each year. And all for a one-time purchase!

Where will your points take you? Keep browsing the blog for more travel tips!