5 Beautiful Beaches In Lisbon, Portugal

5 Beautiful Beaches In Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal’s biggest city and capital. It is one of the most vibrant cities in the area and a great vacation spot for everyone. After arriving in town, you will soon notice that Lisbon has achieved the perfect balance of modern and historical, with lots of ancient landmarks but also contemporary buildings and attractions. 

This city is proud of its heritage and embraces it full-on with events and attractions targeted toward its past, all while forging its way forward into a prosperous future. As a coastal city, Lisbon offers some beautiful views of the ocean and is a fantastic choice for a getaway either with a romantic partner, a group of friends or your family.

Whether you are here for the culture, the nightlife, relaxation, or to experience the history of Lisbon, one thing is for sure, you will definitely be spending some time on the sandy beaches. This city is blessed with warm weather and a pleasant climate, so you can enjoy the waves and sunshine on the coast all year round! Take your bags to a luggage locker in Lisbon to keep them safe and out of the way while you enjoy your afternoon in the sun.

1. Praia de Carcavelos

Praia de Carcavelos Beach - Lisbon, Portugal

One of Lisbon’s most beautiful beaches is Praia de Carcavelos, which is situated by the Tagus estuary and spans two kilometres. It is also said to be the best beach for water sports, so if you want to get active, then this is the beach for you. Lots of surf schools use this beach because of its reliable waves, and there are also several stalls hiring out bicycles and e-scooters for you to take on a ride down the pathways by the coast. 

You can also rent out paddleboards to get out onto the water, or opt to remain on the beach and play a game of volleyball, since there is always one going on. Other amenities include first aid stations, toilets and showers, as well as cafés and restaurants to dine at.

2. Praia do Tamariz

Praia do Tamariz Beach - Lisbon, Portugal

The Praia do Tamariz is a gorgeous beach in Lisbon and part of a luxurious seaside resort, so you know that you are in for a treat if you visit. The beach is pristine and always kept clean, making it the perfect place for anyone to relax and sunbathe or even just wade in the calm shallow waters. 

The beach promenade has many cafés, shops, and boutiques for you to browse, as well as a kiosk renting out paddleboards and canoes. They also have showers and washrooms on site for visitors to use. If you can, try to visit on a Saturday night in the summertime, as they put on weekly fireworks shows. They are free to attend and can be a great way to end your day in Lisbon.

3. Praia dos Galapos

Praia dos Galapos Beach - Lisbon, Portugal

Many people who visit Lisbon claim that the Praia dos Galapos is the city’s most naturally beautiful beach. It is located in a stunning nature park called Parque Natural da Arrábida, which is full of forested areas, steep hills, and beautiful beaches. If you are someone who enjoys hiking, you will definitely appreciate this park, which has some fantastic hiking trails in the Serra da Arrábida mountain range.

The nature park has two beaches; Praia dos Galapinhos and Praia dos Galapos. The first one is the most popular, and it is often filled with tourists. The Praia dos Galapos, on the other hand, is more secluded and quieter, so you can really relax and not be surrounded by big crowds. This is a wonderful beach for snorkelling, so bring your fins and goggles if you have them.

4. Praia de Caxias

Praia de Caxias Beach - Lisbon, Portugal

Praia de Caxias is a stunning beach situated to the west of Lisbon and is also one of the easiest to get to, so if you only have a few hours for the beach, this one is a great candidate. You will find it just across from the Caxias train station, and many people enjoy coming here, so don’t be surprised if there are lots of tourists and locals. 

You will be well sheltered from the wind, so you can set down your towel and sit on the sandy beach for hours. Praia de Caxias also has freshwater showers and bathrooms, as well as the Bahia Beach Club, which sells snacks all day and delicious meals in the evening.

5. Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo

Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo Beach - Lisbon, Portugal

The Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo was once a hidden gem of Lisbon, with few visitors willing to take the trek to reach it. However, now it is an adventurer’s paradise and a fun spot for both locals and tourists to visit. Getting here is a bit of a challenge, so be prepared, but it is actually quite a fun experience if you are up for it. You will have to follow a trail down a cliff, but the views are absolutely worth it once you reach the beach. 

Just off the coast are some beautiful islands that make for the perfect backdrop for photos, and the water is quiet and peaceful. Mostly young locals frequent the Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo because it is difficult to get to, but anyone who is in good shape can make the hike and be rewarded with one of Lisbon’s most beautiful beaches.

With colourful red-roofed houses and cobblestone streets, there is no doubt that Lisbon is a gorgeous city. Its location off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean makes it one of Portugal’s best places for beaches and a favoured vacation destination for leisure travellers. Make sure that you save a day or two for exploring all of the beautiful beaches in Lisbon!