Praslin, Seychelles – An Exotic Luxury Island Escape off the Eastern Coast of Africa

Praslin, Seychelles - An Exotic Luxury Island Escape off the Eastern Coast of Africa

The Island of Praslin is an alluring island paradise located in the Seychelle Islands, a hidden gem off the East African Coast. It is the second largest of the 115 tropical islands that make up the Seychelles; the Island of Mahe being the largest, and La Digue the smallest of the three most tourist frequented islands. Located in the azul Indian Ocean, Praslin has an area of 38 km² and is home to around 6,500 people.

Imagine being on one of the many pristine white sand beaches with aquamarine water surrounding you, as you encounter a privileged slice of paradise. Its warm tropical climate with consistent temperatures of 24-32℃ makes this destination very sought-after year-round. Praslin has been recognized as having some of the best beaches in the world, and is often selected as being a luxury honeymoon destination, as hotels and resorts are catering to supplying couples the perfect honeymoon experience.

Along with having some of the best beaches, the island is also home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and exclusive resorts in the world; many of them being 5-star secluded getaways where couples can attain some much-needed privacy and experience ultimate serenity.

Praslin contains the best of both worlds between the populated Mahe island and the laid-back vibe that brings people to La Digue. It is primarily a granite island with a ridge of small mountains running east-west along the centre of it. The island of Praslin is very accessible from the main island of Mahe, just 45 km northeast of it, with transportation leaving every hour.

You can choose either to whisk over the islands in a 15-minute turbo propeller plane ride or choose to take a catamaran as a more relaxed option; with the cost of flying only marginally more than the catamaran alternative. Arriving by catamaran places you in one of Praslin’s three main settlements – Baie Ste Anne, Anse Volbert, and Grand’ Anse.

Baie Sainte Anne is home to the jetty for boats between Praslin, Mahe, and La Digue. Between the main settlements or villages, the island is sparsely inhabited enhancing the feeling of being on your own deserted island.

Known for its luxury ambience, Praslin offers something for everyone with its most coveted attraction being its opulent beaches. Other attractions include golfing, snorkeling, diving, the Vallee de Mai Nature Preserve, or exploring surrounding nearby islands during captivating day trips. The beaches of the north coast are known as being superior to the south but there are exceptions to this as you will find beautiful beaches surrounding the entire island.

Being a relatively small island, it does not matter where you choose to stay as the island is accessible enough with two main roads making it easy to visit any beach you wish. The most exquisite beaches in Praslin include Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette and Anse Volbert/Côte d’Or, having continuously made top beach lists; but the beauty of the island is so glamourous that most of its beaches could also easily make these prestigious lists.

Praslin, Seychelles - An Exotic Luxury Island Escape off the Eastern Coast of Africa

Praslin is known for having an 18-hole championship golf course with astounding ocean views. Designed by Rodney Wright and Marc Ferry, the golf course is a part of the luxury Lemuria Resort overlooking the clear crystal blue waters of Praslin’s coast. It is one of a kind, and its luxury location makes it a clear winner for golfers worldwide.

One of the most peculiar attractions found on the island of Praslin is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vallée de Mai Nature Preserve. Within its lush tropical forests, Vallée de Mai is known for its unique coco de mer palm trees and vanilla orchids; being the only place in the world where the legendary Coco de Mer Palm grows. There are 50 other indigenous plants and trees, including a top birding hot spot containing rare species such as the endemic Seychelles Bulbul and the Seychelles black parrot.

Five hiking trails varying from 1-2 km will lead you through the enchanted-like forests which were totally untouched until the 1930’s. Its forests are so remarkable with distinct plants and birds that it has been reported that General Charles Gordon of Khartoum (1833-1885) was convinced that Vallée de Mai was the biblical “Garden of Eden” and connections to the Garden of Eden continue to be made today.

Most of the other Seychelles islands are coralline islands and mostly uninhabited without tourist accommodations; but many make wonderful day trips by private yacht or in small local planes that land on remote air strips on some of the other islands. Praslin’s neighbouring islands of Cousine and Curieuse provide visitors with views of amazing sea birds, exploration of hills and mangroves, as well as close encounters with giant tortoises.

Additionally, divers love the ancient coral reefs of Praslin’s shores offering many dive sites as well as a large area south of the island being designated as Praslin National Park. A couple of offshore islets, Round Island and Chauve Souris, both have hotels for a more intimate isolated island experience, while still providing all the comforts of civilization and accentuating Praslin’s natural beauty.

Praslin, Seychelles - An Exotic Luxury Island Escape off the Eastern Coast of Africa

The exquisiteness of Praslin lies in its beaches and aquamarine waters situated in the tropical Indian Ocean. Praslin also has a great range of accommodations ranging from large luxury resorts with private beaches, independent boutique residences, to simple self-catering villas. This island really has something to offer every sun-seeking enthusiast. The choice of being a top wedding and honeymoon destination in the world is clear, as the elegance of this picturesque exotic island is first class.