Top 5 Tips On Planning A Boat Party In California

Top 5 Tips On Planning A Boat Party In California

It’s a fact of life; everything is more fun on a boat. Watching the sunset? Better from a boat.

Catching fish? Way better on a boat than a dock or the shore. Proposing to your significant other? If you want them to say yes, doing so on a boat increases your chances.

And of course, parties with friends and family are better on a boat as well. Planning a boat party means getting out on the water, surrounded by amazing views, fresh air, and nothing to distract you from having the time of your life. 

But to ensure your party is an event to remember, you’ll want to check out our boat party checklist below to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered when planning. 

1. Boat Party Location

Your first big decision is location. You want to choose a location that is fun, exciting, and beautiful, yet also accessible to those around you.

A boat party can be super fun out on open water in the ocean, but weather and water conditions are variable. Inshore party boats, such as in bays, provide more consistent water conditions and calmer waters. If you’re in California, think San Diego Bay, Monterrey Bay, or San Francisco Bay. 

Of course, there are manyΒ lakes around California, and around the country, that are perfectly suited to party boats as well.Β 

2. Party Food and Drinks

Some party boats provide full-on dinner service. They’ll have a proper dining room, with a table long enough for all of your guests. Meals and drinks are served and are included in the rental price.

But cheaper boats for parties are also available where you can bring your own snacks, food, and beverages. Cups and ice are normally provided by the boat but ask in advance. 

3. Boat Party Budget

Hosting a boat party can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a few hours, to thousands of dollars for a long sunset cruise with amenities. Whatever your budget, there’s a party boat option for you. But the more that you can afford, the more memorable your evening is likely to be. 

4. The Right Size Boat

Many smaller party boats can hold upwards of 10 guests. These provide intimate settings with casual seating. They typically lack complete dining tables and are better suited to snacks and drinks.

Larger party boats can accommodate dozens of guests and will likely have restrooms, tables, and food prep areas. 

For a more sophisticated party, a larger size boat is needed to ensure comfort. For casual parties, small boats can actually be more fun, as everything will need to sit together. 

5. Planning a Boat Party Abroad

While onboard your party boat, you’ll realize that nothing is better than time on the water with people you love. There’s no reason now to plan multiple party boat trips throughout the year.

And there’s no better way to do so than by traveling the world and experiencing new waters. The Voyager Party Boat on the Thames River in Europe offers a unique experience. And for year-round sunshine and warm weather, party boats in the Florida Keys are a must. 

What Type of Partier Are You? 

Planning a boat party isn’t hard to do. It really starts with determining how many guests you’ll have, and what type of service you’d like. Do you want a full-service dining experience, or do you just want to enjoy drinks on the deck while watching the sunset?

From there, contact boat operators and ask them what is provided in the rental and what you need to bring onboard yourself.

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