6 Best Ways to Have a Fourth of July Party in Boston

6 Best Ways to Have a Fourth of July Party in Boston

The Fourth of July has a special meaning in Boston – after all, this is the city where much of the action for America’s independence took place, like the Boston Tea Party. So, it’s completely understandable why this holiday takes a special place in Bostonians’ hearts and why the holiday is one of their favorite times to celebrate not only the country but their hometown (and why their football team is called The Patriots). During this time, the city is brimming with excitement and activities from the world-famous Boston Pops concert and fireworks to events all over “The Cradle of Liberty.”

Get in on the festivities and host your own Fourth of July celebration – trust us, it’s easier than you think whether you’re having a small gathering or a full-on blowout.

Here are some tips to make your Fourth party, or any summer event for that matter, memorable and stress-free.

Take some lessons we’ve learned in these 6 ways to entertain and host for the Fourth of July or any summer occasion.

1. Preparation

While not a physical action, your mindset might be the most essential part of hosting any gathering. Most importantly, you want to have everything set up and ready when people ring your doorbell, and that means preparation. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate to-list that you worry and fret over on a spreadsheet. Do all of your decorating and food making (or buyingโ€”see below) ahead of time. No one wants their host to be running around mixing drinks or plating that one last dish.

2. Make Food Easy

Speaking of dishes, a party is not the time to try out that new recipe you read about in theGlobe. Cooking is one of the major stresses for party hosts. But here’s the secret: as long as you have good company and conversation, no one will care if you spent 24 hours brining your chicken in pickle juice before individually frying it in that deep fryer you just bought. Stick with what you know and can make for a crowd. And if you’re not a cook or don’t have the time, and the restaurant down the street makes cupcakes better than youโ€”buy those cupcakes or whatever other dishes you want. Feel free to add a “homemade” touch to any purchased food by taking a tray or chafing dishes you have to the purveyor and asking them to plate and wrap the food for you.

3. Batch Drinks

Almost everyone has off on the Fourth of July, which makes this a day rife for indulging in alcoholic beverages. Instead of mixing each drink individually, and taking away from time spent with friends, make batches of cocktails. Use juices, flavored waters, fruits, etc. to concoct a delicious base for your cocktail. Put it in pitchers ahead of time, and have guests add their alcohol of choice to taste. This is a great tip for those who have kids or teetotalers in the group who don’t necessarily want, need, or are allowed to drink alcohol but still want to try out your signature sipper.

4. Bring the Indoors Outdoors

For those lucky to have outdoor space like the residents of the penthouses of One Dalton who have considerable terraces with stunning views of Boston, give that al fresco area all of the comforts of inside. Many stores have outdoor lamps and other furniture for sale. Just remember to have some shade available for guests.

5. Have a Good Playlist

Make your party one that hits all of the senses. One of the easiest ways to do this is with music. Even though it’s the Fourth of July, your guests probably won’t enjoy listening to the “William Tell Overture” or “Grand Old Flag” on repeat. Plus, it’s summer, and everyone knows that listening to some bubble-gum pop music while eating and drinking is one of the season’s greatest pleasures. Spotify and Apple Music have lots of options for playlists if you don’t have time to make one yourself.

6. Relax

This is another critical aspect of hosting. The food is ready, the guests are chatting, and the music is grooving. There’s no time to get wound up about all of the things that went wrong. Besides, no one will ever know.  Sit back, talk with your guests, make sure theyโ€™re comfortable, and by all means, enjoy your Fourth of July.